Dec 162015
Bad Lip Reading Of The Original Star Wars

After literally months and months of hype, the first Star Wars movie in tens years has finally hit theaters. The Internet can’t help but go crazy over The Force Awakens. In honor of the latest Jedi movie, the Web’s favorite lip dub channel, Bad Lip Reading, decided to go over all three of the original movies, 4-6, and give them their signature bad lip reading treatment. 

A New Hope:



The Empire Strikes Back:



Return of the Jedi:


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Oct 282015
Bad Lip Reading Of The First 2015 Democratic Debate

With the end of 2015 near, everyone has an eye on the upcoming presidential election. All of the debates for both the Democrats and the Republicans have been pretty serious, but apt comedians have still been able to find something to poke fun at. One of the Internet’s favorite parody channels, Bad Lip Reading, took footage from the first Democratic Debate, and perfectly added ridiculous words of their own. Hilarious as always! 


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Aug 202015
Bad Lip Reading Of The 2015 Republican Debate

After a long hiatus, the Internet’s most popular lip dub channel, Bad Lip Reading, has returned. As most viewers already know, the genius editors at Bad Lip Reading take footage and insert ridiculous audio that still manages to fit the lips of the speaker. In honor of the 2016 presidential race just starting, they took video from the first Republican debate and made this outrageous video which has instantly gone viral! 


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