Jan 242014
Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Part 2

Bad Lip Reading, the Web’s most popular lip dub parody channel, has been on hiatus for quite some time. But they have returned just in time for the Superbowl with this second dose of their hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL.

As expected, it has instantly gone viral!


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Oct 162013
Bad Lip Reading Of Game Of Thrones

Mega popular Internet channel Bad Lip Reading has finally returned, this time focusing its ridiculous attention of the acclaimed Game Of Thrones series. 

In their new mock trailer, Eddie Stark attempts to open a medieval park with a crew of inadequate employees, instead of focusing on war and fantasy creatures.

Already, fans online are wishing the trailer was for an actual film. 


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May 032013

Zombie focused The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular action-dramas on cable television.

Being that popular, it’s a wonder it took the web’s #1 parody channel Bad Lip Reading so long to spoof the popular show. Finally, it’s here. 

The Walking (And Talking) Dead bad lip reading parody


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Feb 262013

The web’s favorite, and arguably only, Bad Lip Reading channel has returned to serve up another delicious smorgasbord of BLR delights. 

The channel has actually grown so popular, the Spirit Awards approached them, and asked them to make a special Spirit Awards-themed bad lip reading spoof.

Naturally, the parody lip readings of the best screenplay nominees has gone viral. 


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Jan 252013

The genius comedians at Bad Lip Reading continue to ‘treat’ popular televised events with their purposefully terrible lip reading skills. Naturally, they just had to perform their shenanigans on President Barack Obama during his 2014 Presidential Inauguration. They even take a jab at Beyonce singing the national anthem. 


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