Jan 222015
Bad Lip Reading Of The 2015 NFL

Bad Lip Reading is one of the Web’s most popular YouTube channels, and almost always goes viral when they debut a new video. In honor of the past NFL season coming to a close, the group once again made a hilarious bad lip reading of NFL athletes and coaches. 

This never gets old. 


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Nov 272014
More Bad Lip Reading From Hunger Games Catching Fire

Popular parody channel Bad Lip Reading has become a little bit obsessed with The Hunger Games. After the viral success of their first Hunger Games bad lip reading video that has over 28 million hits, they have made this new one of the sequel Catching Fire in honor of the newest HG movie in theaters, Mockingjay. Did you catch that?


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Sep 262014
Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead

As most fans already know, The Walking Dead will be returning for a fifth season in mid October. In that honor, the popular Web channel Bad Lip Reading has made this hilarious terrible lip reading of footage from the fourth season. They even added a ridiculous song. 


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May 232014
Bad Lip Reading Of American Idol

American Idol used to be the biggest, most exciting talent show on TV. Now, the show has grown old and grey. That inspired Bad Lip Reading to spoof the show in the only way they know how. By taking footage from the show and adding a ridiculous sound track that seems to fit the moving lips of the speakers on the screen.  


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