Aug 062014
Back To The Future Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love the 1980′s classic movie franchise Back To The Future? Most citizens of the Web grew up on the films. Realizing this, magician and prankster Stuart Edge dressed as Marty McFly last week at ComicCon to pull off some sweet Back To The Future magic tricks


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Jun 122014
Water Hoverboard In Real Life

Fans of Back to the Future will remember that the hoverboard doesn’t work on water. Unless you’ve got power of course. We are sadly still a couple years from playing on real hoverboards, but the next best thing does exist: water hoverboards! Devin Supertramp got his hands on a brand new water flyboard and made this eye-popping video to show it off.



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May 282014
X-Men Days Of Back To The Future Past

In this nerdy hybrid, The Warp Zone mashes together the X-Men franchise with Back To The Future. It’s a near perfect shot for shot remake of the end of Back To The Future, but with X-Men characters and icons. Impressive. X-Men Days Of Back To The Future Past is a perfect homage to the new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past


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May 192014
Back To The Future Remix

Pogo, the YouTube famous musician most well known for his surprising hits made entirely from sampling popular movies, has finally returned. This time, he travels back in time to 1985, and 1955, to create a mesmerizing tune from just the sounds, noises, and words from Back To The Future. Great Scott!!


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Mar 042014
Celebrity Packed Commercial For An Actual Hoverboard Is Sadly Fake

HUVrTech has just debuted a very real hoverboard made famous from Back To The Future II.

Or so they claim. 

Back To The Future‘s Doc played by Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, and others star in this exciting commercial for the HUVrboard made by HUVrTech.

The Internet wants to believe, but most understandably can’t. It’s obviously a fake. They claim the board “has more technology within it than the satellites that we sent into space in 2010.”

The only question is, what is behind the video? Is it some type of promotion? A fun gag? 

Carrie Amber Rheingans wonders on Facebook, “are you helping promote for a possible Back to the Future 4?!?!”

The HUVrTech website has a Back To The Future countdown to destination time December 2014. 

We’ll have to wait and see. 



Update: Tony Hawk apologizes for the prank viral video.


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