Oct 132015
Official Hoverboard Commercial

For thirty years now, kids and adults alike have wished for a hoverboard. Even though there have been a couple fake versions and a few real ones, none can compare with the real thing from Back To The Future II. Since this is is the anniversary of the popular time traveil film, Universal Pictures made this ‘official’ commercial for the fake Mattel floating skateboard. 


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Oct 052015
Back to the Future Part II Pepsi Perfect Commercial

As all Generation X and Y kids already know, 2015 is the year Marty McFly traveled to the future the classic sci-fi movie Back To The Future II. Even more specifically, Marty went on October 21st, 2015. In honor of what has already been dubbed Back To The Future Day, Pepsi has debuted this ad featuring their futuristic product Pepsi Perfect. 


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Aug 042015
The Lexus Hoverboard Is Here

The Internet has been tricked by fake hoverboards before. And now that we are in the middle of 2015, the year in the future that Marty McFly traveled to from 1985, many fans are quite concerned that we will never have a real hoverboard in time. Thankfully, the engineers at Lexus has been hard at work trying to create the real thing. And now they claim that they have done just that in this new viral video.


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Mar 062015
Famous Ending Of Back To The Future Recreated In LEGO

Macro Lego Universe is a very tiny movie studio that is a master at recreating cinematic scenes in Lego. One of the most iconic movie endings remembered on the Internet is the closing scene from Back to the Future. Macro Lego Universe recreated the famous scene, shot for shot, in glorious plastic Lego bricks. Perfect! 


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Feb 052015
Hovering On A Hoverboard Prank

As nearly all nerds already know, 2015 is the year of the hoverboard. That is of course the year Marty McFly traveled to from 1985 where he found the coolest future toy ever, the hoverboard, in the popular film Back To The Future. In honor of 2015, Magician Rahat used a common magician’s hovering technique and added a hoverboard to blow the minds of passersby.

Their reactions are awesome! 


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