Mar 042014
Celebrity Packed Commercial For An Actual Hoverboard Is Sadly Fake

HUVrTech has just debuted a very real hoverboard made famous from Back To The Future II.

Or so they claim. 

Back To The Future‘s Doc played by Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, and others star in this exciting commercial for the HUVrboard made by HUVrTech.

The Internet wants to believe, but most understandably can’t. It’s obviously a fake. They claim the board “has more technology within it than the satellites that we sent into space in 2010.”

The only question is, what is behind the video? Is it some type of promotion? A fun gag? 

Carrie Amber Rheingans wonders on Facebook, “are you helping promote for a possible Back to the Future 4?!?!”

The HUVrTech website has a Back To The Future countdown to destination time December 2014. 

We’ll have to wait and see. 



Update: Tony Hawk apologizes for the prank viral video.


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Dec 302013
Back To The Future Acoustic Theme

Every Generation X and Y kid knows the Back To The Future theme music like the back of their hand. After hearing just a few of the opening notes the entire song floods the memory. 

Acoustic Labs and Alvarez Guitars has brought the 80′s tune back from the dead in this rejuvenated acoustic cover of the theme that is trending. 


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Nov 142013
Everything Wrong With Back To The Future

 The Internet holds the 1980′s franchise Back To The Future very dearly in its heart. It’s simply a classic so many web users have grown up watching and dreaming about. 

But movie critic channel Cinema Sins doesn’t care. They simply shred the popular Spielberg film in their latest brutal critique, Everything Wrong With Back To The Future


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Oct 292013
Back To The Future In Real Life In Manhattan

As the web is so heavily populated with people who grew up in the 80′s and 90′s, it’s no surprise that Back To The Future is one of the most iconic films online. 

Capitalizing on this fact, Improv Everywhere brought the popular Steven Spielberg time travel movie to life at a plaza near the Met Life Clock Tower in Manhattan as a part of their Movies In Real Life series.

Passersby quickly picked up on the gag after seeing a guy on a date wearing a bright orange jacket, and a woman asking coffee drinkers to ‘save the clock tower.’


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Sep 172013
Marty McFly Screaming Supercut

Any fan of the Back To The Future movies knows too well that Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox, absolutely loves to scream at any chance he can get. 

Knowing this, Official Comedy did all the work for the Internet, and squeezed all of McFly’s screaming and yelling into one obnoxious supercut.


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