Dec 152013
This Experiment Proves Your Cat Doesn’t Like You

Every cat owner wonders in the back of their mind if their cat even likes them back.

Hoy Cheung posted this clip that seems to have some bad news for feline friends. Though babies and dogs both appear stressed when their mother or owner leaves the room, and instantly run back to them when they reenter, cats are a different story. 

Oddly enough, it seems the human is the pet in the relationship. 


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Nov 242013
Dad Commemorates Premature Baby’s First Year

Benjamin Miller‘s son Ward was born extremely premature, over three months early. There were countless obstacles during his first weeks in this world, but his doctors, nurses, and parents never gave up.

Finally, after over 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Ward got to go home to continue growing strong. 

As a gift to his wife, Benjamin made this powerful video commemorating Ward’s first year of struggle and perseverance.

The emotional video has gone viral on Vimeo and YouTube with millions of views.


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Nov 192013
Toddler Hugs And Cuddles Giant St. Bernard

This adorable video was posted by David Vickerman three years ago, but the clip is finding new life online after being shared by DailyPicks and NowMSN

David’s adorable toddler Lila simply loves the family’s giant St. Bernard Lucy, and it seems Lucy loves her back as she calmly allows the precious baby to cuddle and hug her.


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