Mar 302014
Bulldog Puppy Kissing Baby Is Super Cute

What’s cuter, a baby or a puppy? Well, thanks to this super adorable video, you don’t have to choose.

In this cute video by English Bulldog breeders Suburban Bullies, baby Diana gets smothered by an affectionate Bulldog puppy. It’s a little overwhelming!


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Mar 262014
Dog Responds To Newborn Baby’s Cries In The Cutest Way

When Jeff and Danielle Livak brought their newborn baby home from the hospital they weren’t sure how their boxer Bella would react. 

They were hoping she’d be a good family dog, but they never expected her to be so empathetic that she would actually whine along when little Melina cried. 

“Your puppy is sad how do I help oh no little puppy stop crying,” joked Jess Goss.

“This is so sweet! He was like, ‘I want to help you, but I have no thumbs!’” says MandyDoll.

The video is actually from the end of 2012, but is trending now more than ever, garnering over 350,000 hits since 2014. 


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Mar 262014
toddler horse

Colorado Horse rancher and Facebooker Justin W. Dunn posted this adorable video of his youngest daughter Emma leading his well trained Mustang horse Cinnamon at the end of 2012, but the clip is trending now more than ever.

The way little Emma leads her horse confidently is too cute, and the way she pronounces ‘Cinnamon’ is simply precious!

No wonder the original Facebook video stands with over 12,000 Likes and 63,000 Shares!  


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Mar 252014
Bikers Feed Lost Baby Moose Gatorade

This video from 2012 has only gone viral now. 

Barryollerhead and his biker buddies stumbled upon a baby moose on the road. It seemed to be hungry and thirsty, and with no mama moose in sight, the bikers took it upon themselves to help the little guy. 

All they had was a bottle of Gatorade. It took minute of trying to convince the baby to take a drink, but once it tasted the sweet, sugary nectar, the moose finished the bottle of grape Gatorade while they waited for animal rescue to come. 


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Mar 222014
Baby Moose Caught In Wooden Fence

Finding a moose on your property in Cariboo, British Columbia isn’t that uncommon. 

But ShadoHHR and his friends found a baby moose caught on their wooden fence. After a few minutes of shaving off wood, they were able to free the large baby

Oddly enough, after being freed the little guy didn’t seem to be in that big of a hurry to leave. 


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