Sep 112014
Dad And Daughter Perform Adorable Dance To ‘Shake It Off’

Jprinder and his young daughter love dancing to new pop music hits. Their latest silly dance has exploded online with over 3.3 million views! The two dance their hearts out to Taylor Swift’s newest hit single Shake It Off, and are simply adorable. 


Via DailyPicks

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Sep 102014
Dad And Son Fire Toilet Paper Cannon At Mom

When mom leaves home, dad and son will play. While home alone with his young son, Eric Cire decided to team up with Remy to ambush his wife. What they ended up with was a ‘toilet paper cannon’ made from an electric leaf blower, cardboard, plenty of duct tape, and several rolls of toilet paper ammunition.

The TP6000 worked wonders when mom opened the front door. 


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Sep 092014
Husky Howls That He Doesn’t Wanna Leave The Park

While visiting the doggy park, Josh Gottsegen noticed one husky who refused to leave when his owner called him. Instead, the talkative husky expressed himself verbally, howling a definitive “No!”  

This cute video from last year is trending again now, and stands with over 1.4 million hits!


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Sep 082014
Dog With Broken Front Legs Hops Through Doorway

Jason Sanders‘ cute dog was sadly in a recent accident. She’s OK now, but she has casts on her front legs as well as a cone of shame. But that didn’t stop the energetic pup from running around. Somehow, she has learned to basically walk on her hind legs, and simply hops to get through the door


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Sep 082014
DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks Is Super Cute

Everyone growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s remembers Disney’s Duck Tales. Whoo hoo! The theme song is just so catchy. Oh My Disney has just made the song even better by tossing the cartoon to the side and remaking the video with real ducklings and toys.

So freaking cute!


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