Feb 072014
Four Year Old Shoveling Adorably Begs ‘Jesus, Make It Warm’

We’re all a little sick and tired of the snow and the bitter cold. It’s been an extreme season.

This four year old is especially tired with the cold and is done with all the snow shoveling. 

After sighing with exhaustion, the young lad puts his shovel down, looks up towards the heavens and cries, “Jesus! Make it warm!

Amen little guy. Amen. 


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Feb 062014
Poodle Adorably Protects Baby From Blow Dryer

YouTuber Xoxemergencyy has a precious toy poodle that isn’t only loyal but also adorable. 

Whenever they turn on their pet grooming blow dryer, the poodle ‘risks’ life and limb to protect the family baby on the floor from the evil machine. What a brave soul.


Via DailyPicks

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Feb 052014
Toddler Playing In The Rain For First Time Is The Epitome Of Pure Joy

Life is all about first experiences. The problem is, we experience so much as a child that we quickly forget. 

Baby Kayden is lucky because the first time she experienced rain was caught on camera by . Now, when she’s older and has a bad day at work she can look back and smile on the magic of childhood. 

Her face and expression says it all. Pure happiness. 


Via DailyPicks.

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Feb 022014
Toddler Gets Adorably Emotional Listening To ‘Say Something’ In The Car With Dad

Mark Blitch‘s four year old son loves the passionate new hit by A Great Big World and Christian Aguilera, Say Something. Understandably, he gets very emotional when the song plays. 

In this precious video dad took in the car, his son Jackson tears up, but gives a thumbs up, to his favorite song. 


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Feb 012014
Baby Adorably Starts Dancing Every Time The Parks And Rec Theme Song Plays

LARRY GALLAGHER‘s toddler son is a huge fan of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. He doesn’t understand the show at all, but whenever the theme music starts to play he drops everything to dance, dance, dance!

Simply adorable! 


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