Jun 282013

The Pet Collective is well known for parodying pop music with an adorable pet twist. For their latest project, the dog loving crew recreated Miley Cyrus’ newest hit single We Can’t Stop with the doggy parody We Can Bark


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Jun 242013

This video was actually published online by Fariba Motaghi two years ago, but has been trending over the weekend. 

Persian dad found his adorable young son snooping around the freezer early in the morning. When confronted with the fact that he was obviously going after the frozen sweets, the little ‘thief’ answered, “I came here to see if the popsicles were melting.”

Toddler logic is truly adorable. Finally, after fully interrogating the kid, soft-hearted dad OK’s the early dessert.

Now, the video has appeared on DailyPicks, Awesomer, and HuffPost


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Jun 182013

Scottie Stone just gave his son Jackson a bath and decided to make a quick vlog while drying him. Instead of playing peek-a-boo with the camera as intended, the cute kid laid a nice “number two” on dad’s lap.

Jax can’t speak just yet, but his actions scream, “Happy late Father’s Day!” 

“Ohh, son,” Scott says to his boy. “Did you just poop on my leg?”

Don’t worry. Scott insist the hilarious video is “safe for work and not gross,” and we agree. 


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Jun 182013

It may feel like the dog is always the first one in the house awake, running up and down the halls while you’re still trying to grab a few Z’s, but as is evident from this new viral video, apparently not all dogs are morning creatures. 

Jaz the Great Dane is sleeping in bed like any kid when dad wakes her up for a morning walk. Problem is, Jaz is still sleepy, and makes her exhaustion well known. Finally, she gives in and gets out of bed. 

DSLetmein2012 actually posted the adorable video just over two months ago, but it has only gone viral now, garnering over a quarter million views just over the past few days. 


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