Mar 232014
The Way One Man Helped Disabled Kids With Power Wheels Will Make You Smile

Becoming independent and mobile is a critical part of growing up. But many disabled children don’t have that luxury. 

Charity group Nation Swell reports that one man is one a mission to help physically impaired kids become mobile in an amazing way. 

Electric wheelchairs can be too expensive and delicate for many families of special needs children, so Dr. Cole Galloway created Go Baby Go!.

He and his group modify relatively cheap Power Wheels toy cars for disabled kids to use and become free. 

“I want you to feel like you have control over your own happiness. And I know for young children that’s attached to your mobility.”


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Mar 222014
Curious Puppies Adorably Investigate Patient Cat

Finn the cat is one patient kitty. 

His owners just took two foster puppies who are curious as can be. The little pups can’t help but investigate, prod, and poke at Finn. Lucky for them, Finn is extremely kind and accommodating. 

This adorable video of the three animals interacting has gone viral over the week with over 400,000 hits!


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Mar 212014
magic dog

Dogs have a special connection with mankind. They are one of the few animals that understand pointing. 

So how will dogs react to a simple magic trick?

Magician Jose Ahonen performed a simple disappearing treat trick for a bunch of dogs and their reactions are simply hilarious

They can’t say a word, but it’s obvious that their minds are truly blown by the disappearing snack. 

Just look at that face!

“Where’s my treat!?!? It was just here! I know it was!”


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Mar 212014
Pregnancy Time Lapse Music Video Is Super Sweet

For nine long months, musician Tom Fletcher took a photo of his wife everyday during her pregnancy. 

That’s been done before, but Tom has topped all other pregnancy videos by creating a music video from their time lapse.

He performs a special song for his son and wife, titled Something New, while she grows bigger and bigger until finally, little Buzz is here. 

Now, their adorable music video is going viral and already has over 600,000 hits!


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Mar 212014
Emma Stone Brought to Tears By Spice Girls

Emma Stone is a serious fan of the Spice Girls. While visiting and taking part in an interview at the 2 Day FM radio station in Australia, she was surprised by a special message from Mel B. She couldn’t help but break down into happy tears. 

Her adorable reaction has gone viral with over half a million views!


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