May 012013

The web has seen plenty of dogs respond to barking dogs on the TV before, such as in this popular viral video from January, My Dog Can Skype.

Now, this older video from 2008 which is trending again demonstrates that dogs aren’t the only ones easily fooled by technology

Prissy Marth had their cellphone set to a cat meowing as the ring tone. When the phone rang, their cat Toby responded to the meowing as if it heard a real cat in distress.



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Apr 282013

High schooler Terry is just a little bit obsessed with Pokemon. Besides for running his own Pokemon-focused YouTube channel online, he’s famous in school for loving all things Pocket Monster.

Take his adorably nerdy prom proposal. 

In front of the packed lunch room cafeteria, Terry, along with his entourage, gloriously made their way to the dame he wished to woo. After reciting a dorky Pokemom poem, she answered yes, and everyone cheered. 

To end the festivities, and shake off any straggling nerves, Terry had to run a victory lap around the caf. Now, the video has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over one million views


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Apr 282013

Way back in 2008, YouTuber iSparra published this adorable original video of a wild otter who found its way into their car, but only last week did the video go viral.

The two Aussies who found the bugger couldn’t help but laugh and giggle as they chased the little guy around like a puppy dog.

They even add that “after we got him out, he proceeded to chase the car up the dirt track like a dog.”

Now, countless copies of the video have surfaced, with some garnering over 2.7 million views


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Apr 282013

Everyone online knows that cats absolutely love playing and sitting in cardboard boxes. But what about big cats, such as lions and tigers? Do they share the same love for post-consumer content? 

Big Cat Rescue was determined to find out, so they gave their very big guests some very big boxes to play with. Now, the ten day old video has exploded online, standing with over 850,000 hits


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Apr 262013

Popular educational and inspirational TED talks recently posted this excerpt from Frans de Waal’s full speech, and now it is trending again.

While discussing moral behavior in animals, Frans and his team conducted an experiment where two monkeys would receive the same payment of a cucumber slice for completing a task. 

At first they are both satisfied with their cucumber. But when one of the monkeys is given an ‘expensive’ grape instead, his counterpart is disgusted with his measly cucumber and throws the piece in the face of the experiment technician

The implications of the experiment are quite obvious.


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