Aug 012013

Bobae Papa is a truly adorable Korean YouTube channel run by the proud parents of Yerin. Since she was born in 2010, they have been documenting her adorableness online, and have gathered quite a following of over 80,000 dedicated fans and currently stand with over 34 million total video views

This adorable video was published in April but has since gone viral again now, garnering over 300,000 views just today. In the cute clip, dad chases his now toddler baby girl through the house until she finally puts her foot down and ends his games. 


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Jul 282013

Gkadish posted this touching surprise video, titled I made my mother cry today, back in 2010, but it is trending now more than ever.

He starts the video by telling his 70 year old mother to meet him at the Mercedes dealer where he claimed to be having service done on his car

But the secret plan was really to surprise mom with the Mercedes E class she has always wanted. He showed her the E class as the car he was thinking about getting as his winter car.

“Oh, I want this one,” his mom instantly said after laying eyes on the Benz. 

Once she was seated inside, she announced, “This is my car!” to which her son responded with, “It IS your car. Happy birthday!”

Naturally, mom was in such a shock by the surprise, she was momentarily speechless. 


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Jul 232013

Like so many dogs and their owners, adorable Jasmine and her human friend love to work on tricks together to post on YouTube. In this new trending video, titled 45 Cute Dog Tricks, Jasmine the puppy performs a slew of dog tricks, such as doing the laundry, ringing a bell, and even clean up her toys. 


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Jul 222013

There’s nothing like an adorable proposal video to lift your mood and start the work week right.

Australian John proposed to his girlfriend with the help of his pup Spud in a video posted under the YouTube handle MickDeLux. As it’s been done countless times before, he hung the ring box from Spud’s collar for Sarah to discover. 


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Jul 212013

Julia is definitely not your average girl. Not only isn’t she afraid of bees, she even has her own pet carpenter bee. She even pets her bee as if it were a fluffy hamster!

She seems to already be a mini-entomologist, as she lists off a slew of interesting bee facts, such as how her pet bee attains water from a piece of wood in his cage. 

Callendex actually published the video in 2008, but it has only exploded onto the viral video scene over the weekend. The video has quickly scooped up over 200,000 views, and continues to trend into the work week. 


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