Aug 242013

Toddlers often go through a stage of life where they cry over everything, even when the crisis doesn’t warrant tears. But that’s no problem for calm and tranquil dad arfmoochikncheez. He’s learned that his adorable daughter quickly forgets about her dilemma when asked a distracting question, such as, “What sound does the cow make?”

Now, dad’s adorable parenting lesson has gone viralviral, garnering over 1.75 million views in just two days!


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Aug 172013

In less than a week, Russian YouTuber Светлана Кадыргалиева has garnered over 375,000 views with this adorable short clip. The video taken in an airport features one father pulling a suitcase with his daughter apparently sleeping on the luggage like a rag doll. Onlookers and online viewers can’t help but smile. 


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Aug 152013

We all must balance the analytical and emotional parts of our brain, especially when dealing with the opposite gender.

Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song demonstrate this balancing act during a first date in this entertaining computer animation, Brain Divided. The video is presented by Ringling College of Art and Design and TheCGBro 


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Aug 112013

Telling mom and dad that a grand-baby is on the way is always popular online. To let his mom in on the good news, Sean set up a cute scavenger hunt in the kitchen with a hidden message.  

Mom quickly put two and two together after finding a bun in the oven

“It’s a buuuun! It’s a bun in the oven!” screamed mom as she hugged her daughter in law. 


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Aug 092013

This new video by HoundDogBilly has already amassed over 400,000 hits, and is continuing to trend strong into the weekend. 

After being strapped into her car seat, Ella Mae announces her love for dad until he turns on some classic Elvis Presley. Though her speaking skills are only on a 20 month old level, she still does a great job singing along with An American Trilogy


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