Mar 262014
toddler horse

Colorado Horse rancher and Facebooker Justin W. Dunn posted this adorable video of his youngest daughter Emma leading his well trained Mustang horse Cinnamon at the end of 2012, but the clip is trending now more than ever.

The way little Emma leads her horse confidently is too cute, and the way she pronounces ‘Cinnamon’ is simply precious!

No wonder the original Facebook video stands with over 12,000 Likes and 63,000 Shares!  


Via DailyPicks

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Mar 252014
Firefighter Proposing To Teacher During Fire Drill Is Super Sweet

What better way to propose to your teacher girlfriend when you’re a firefighter than during a school fire drill

That’s exactly what firefighter Justin Deierling from Greentown, Ohio did. With all the other teachers and firefighters in on the surprise, he and his fire crew showed up at the school. Justin found his girlfriend Megan outside, dropped to one, and knee proposed. 



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Mar 242014
Sleepy Kitten Adorably Tries To Stay Awake

Sleepy little kitten Oscar can’t decide if he wants to go to sleep or stay awake. But once his human friend Brian gives his a comfy elbow to rest his head, he simply can’t resist the restful Z’s. 

His cuteness has made him a viral video star, garnering over 200,000 hits over the past week. 


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Mar 232014
Awesome Brothers Travels Across The World To Go Home For Sister’s Birthday

Nicolas Foubert has been travelling the world for the past 19 months. Because of his travels he was not able to be with his sister for her last birthday. 

Now that her B-day is coming up again, he decided to leave the paradise life on the beach of Guatemala to go home to Paris to surprise his sister. 

He made sure to have his camera rolling during his trip home, and now the subsequent surprise video is going viral. 


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Mar 232014
Penguins Try To Cross Over Low Rope

This older video is trending again, as viewers simply can’t resist adorable penguins.

A colony of penguins were blocked by a low hanging rope connected to a raft. One by one, the adorable, non-flying birds tried their best to cross over the rope. 

The results are too cute. 


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