Aug 312013
Giant Boulder Nearly Crushes Car In Chinese Avalanche

This new video by Chinese YouTuber 日族 哈 has instantly gone viral today, garnering over one million hits already!

The amazing dash camera footage showcases a rock avalanche that nearly crushed one car with a giant boulder. The initial rock slide off slammed the car, which luckily moved it just far enough to be safe from the enormous climactic falling boulder.


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Jan 082013

Wolverines have a bad reputation as being violent beasts, most likely as a result of being associated with Wolverine the X-Man. Of course they are wild animals, but wolverines are actually fantastic search and rescue animals, as portrayed by Jasper the wolverine. 

To demonstrate this helpful characteristic, Casey was covered in a snow to mimic a body trapped under an avalanche. Amazingly, Jasper quickly digs Casey out and drags him out of the snow to safety. 

The Natationl Geographic Wild video is actually 10 months old, but has started to trend recently, appearing on BestOfYouTube, IAmBored, and VideoSift


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Dec 162012

In much of the world, clearing snow off the roof of one’s home is a winter requirement. The far Eastern European country of Estonia is an example of such a place.

Last winter, Martin Oja recorded a man clearing snow off the roof only for the snow to fall all at once, like a mini-avalanche, and knock the man off the roof. Luckily, he was nearly consumed by the snow which actually broke his fall. 

The video has over 1.2 million views, and is starting to trend again this winter after being featured by DailyPicks


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Mar 062012

Besides for running into a tree, or having a serious fall, one of the most serious dangers for a skier is the unexpected avalanche. At this French resort, a monstrous avalanche was suddenly set off and destroyed the ski lift in just seconds. Even though there were people on board, they luckily made it off before the serious destruction. 


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Feb 062012

While snowmobiling around the Wyoming-Idaho border,  had a close call he will remember for life. After he just peaked a mountain top, snow right in front of him collapsed revealing a cliff of death only inches in front of his snowmobile.

He froze, very slowly and carefully got off the ‘mobile, and pulled it away from the cliff. Once completely safe, he says the to camera, “Everybody hear how hard I’m breathing? That’s because I just sh*t my pants.” The action takes place at the 1:10 minute mark.


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