Sep 232014
Inspiring Postgame Speech Auto Tuned

East View Patriots wide receiver Apollos Hester instantly went viral after his inspirational postgame speech hit the Web. That video now stands with over 4.5 million views! Naturally, countless fans begged Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, to songify the speech with their auto-tune magic. What they created is glorious. 


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Jan 282014
America Gone To Pot Auto Tune The News

The Gregory Brothers, also known as Schmoyoho, have returned to their roots to produce another Auto Tune The News video after too long of a hiatus. 

They are joined by popular YouTubers Nice Peter and Kassem G to discuss and sing about 2014 politics, such as texting, legalization, zoos, and frivolous spending. 


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Aug 052013

Schmoyoho, AKA the Gregory Brothers, have looked inwards and found their roots, finally debuting a new Auto Tune The News music video of recent current events that kick-started their online careers so many years ago.

In this episode, titled Flying Robots, Joe Biden, Rand Paul, Jon McCain, and other politicians ‘sing’ and discuss the Second Amendment and the recent news that the NSA is tracking all Internet and telephone transactions of innocent Americans. 


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May 232013

DJ’s are often introduced into pop music lyrics when the author runs out of words that will rhyme. The singer will usually call out to the DJ to play their song, or drop the beat, or do whatever phrase is currently in. 

For their latest piece, The Gregory brothers teamed up with YouTube rapper DeStorm to mock this recurring trend in pop music in DJ Play My Song No Leave Me Alone

A slew of famous YouTubers make a special cameo appearance in the music video, such as Kassem GEd Bassmaster, and EpicLLOYD. But none of them can compare to Korean pop superstar PSY who appears at the intro and exit of the song.


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May 212013

In honor of YouTube turning eight years old today, the world’s most popular video sharing site recruited Auto Tune The News famous The Gregory Brothers to recreate the feeling we all got when we first used YouTube in this new music video for Youtube Comedy Week, The History of YouTube.

After Carl returns from an eight year work vacation he is updated on all he missed by Michael Gregory. Naturally, the first thing he shows Carl is a magical website where you can watch anything at anytime, from cats, to Chocolate Rain, to sneezing pandas. 


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