Jul 182014
Jimmy Fallon Plays Flip Cup with Miranda Kerr

While hosting Australian model Miranda Kerr, Jimmy Fallon challenged the Aussie to a game of Flip Cup. You know, the classic drinking game where the players must chug a red plastic cup of beer, and then flip the cup upside-down from the edge of the table. 

Kerr admitted that she had never played this game before, but had a desire to get into the American culture. So who’s gonna win?


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Jun 132014
Man Fights Off Great White Shark

This video by Terry Tufferson has instantly gone viral with over 5 million views! The clip purportedly shows an Australian diver bumping into a great white shark in Sydney Harbor. But the GoPro footage just doesn’t look right. Many viewers believe the video is a fake. 

So… real or fake? You decide!


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May 032014
Happy Dogs In Australia Music Video

This adorable animal video has instantly gone viral this weekend with over 700,000 hits already! Animal lover Catmantoo, who is the creator of the viral cat skateboarding video, is the creator of this instant classic. He took a bunch of dogs he dog-sits for to the beach to play. As Pharrell’s song explains, these dogs are Happy!


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May 012014
Camper Finds Adorable Surprise In Camp Shower

Aussie Stephen Paice went camping and was about to hit the campsite showers when he found a big surprise. Thankfully, it was a cuddly and cute surprise instead of a terrifying and poisonous Australian surprise. Looks like a opossum.

The video was actually posted in January, but has only gone viral now with over half a million new views!


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Mar 272014
Australian Construction Workers Yell Empowering Statements To Women Snickers Commercial

In this viral Snickers Australia commercial, Aussie construction workers break the stereotype that they are all a bunch of pigs by yelling empowering statements to women as they pass by their work.

The new ad has over half a million views, but viewers are debating the implications of its ending. 

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Meaning what exactly?


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