Jan 232015
Ball Boy Gets Hit In The Junk

Is there anything worse than getting hit in the crotch? You might think not, but how about this: getting hit in the junk by a powerful serve by professional tennis player Feliciano Lopez in front of countless spectators at the Australian Open. OUCH! 

That’s got to hurt.


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Jan 152015

The hippopotamus has a reputation for being fat and slow, probably because of cartoons. But in reality they are very powerful animals who can move very fast when necessary. Australian safari worker Michael Varndell and his co-worker Craig Jackson were motorboating when they noticed a giant creature closing in on them. They hit the gas and just escaped a giant hippo who almost took a big bite out of their boat.  


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Jan 062015
Australian Firefighter Wearing GoPro Battles Bush Fire

Fires are always a serious matter, but it extremely dry Australia they can be devastating if not quickly contained. Yesterday, volunteer firefighters battled a powerful bush fire in Adelaide Hills. Volunteer firefighter Ben Wilson wore a helmet camera during the blaze, and captured this heart-racing footage. You can donate to the Country Fire Service here.


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Dec 252014
Kangaroo Punches Drone Out Of Sky

Quadcopter drones are becoming more and more common these days. Many people are unhappy with this modern technology as they fear their privacy could be violated. But who would have thought that kangaroos also didn’t like drones? A drone equipped with a camera was being flown in Hunter Valley, Australia to capture some up close and personal video of some kangaroos. But one kangaroo apparently did not like being recorded and literally punched it out of the sky, reports Press Association.


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Nov 232014
Aussie Purposefully Doesn’t Rhyme In No Rhyme Rap

Australian comedian Troy Kinne has noticed that a lot of rappers these days have become lazy by barely rhyming their lyrics anymore. He takes this concept to the next level by purposefully not rhyming his words in this humorous rap music video.  


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