Jul 272015
Asian Baseball Batter Is Basically A Ninja

This clip from a Chinese high school baseball has gone viral over the weekend in the Western Internet for one reason, and one reason only. The batter is simply awesome. Instead of just standing at home plate waiting for the pitch, he showed off by twirling his bat like some kind of a baseball ninja. Countless copies of this video are circulating around the Web now, with this clip alone amassing over 9 million views!


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Jul 212015
Adorable Thai Kids Recreate Marvel’s Ant-Man Trailer

These days, big Hollywood movies like Marvel’s Ant Man don’t just debut in the States. They are launched in theaters around the world. Using only household items and cheap toys, a group of Thai kids recreated the trailer for the newest Marvel superhero movie, shot for shot. Their homemade trailer is simply adorable and has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


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Jul 092015
Kids Taste Test Kimchi For The First Time

Kimchi is basically the South Korean version of American ketchup. Kimchi is served with nearly everything in South Korean cuisine. The popular dish made of cabbage that is fermented with salt, garlic, and hot peppers is also an acquired taste. So how will kids react to such a strongly flavored foreign dish? The Fine Brothers find out in this adorable taste test


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Jul 072015
Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms are the Best

Nearly every bathroom in the Western world is the exact same. There are no surprises. But if you travel to Japan, you might be shocked to learn that there are a few major differences. Canadian-Japanese girl Aiko explains the many differences in Japan compared to Canada and the rest of the Western world in her popular show, Life Where I’m From. In this viral video which has over 800,000 hits, she explains the “12 reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best.” 


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