Oct 162014
Your Brain On MDMA

There are a lot of myths and lies surrounding MDMA, also known as Molly. With nearly one third of college students having tried the mind altering substance it’s about time we get some actual information. What exactly happens when one takes MDMA and how does it affect your body? Asap Science investigates in this new video


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Aug 282014
Your Brain On Coffee

Millions of people around the world start their day on coffee. Many claim to be addicted to the dark brew. That may explain why coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. But how exactly does coffee work? What does it do to our bodies that makes us perk up? Asap Science explains the science of coffee in this new educational video


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Jul 292014
How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need

Most busy adults run on very little sleep. But how much sleep do we actually need? And can you ever ‘catch up’ on sleep, say on the weekend or during vacation? The nerds at Asap Science explains that during studies, scientists have found that people have a steady decline in cognitive functions when running on less than eight hours of sleep. Surprise, surprise.  


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