Feb 052015
Sick Remedies That Actually Scientifically Work

The winter time is the height of cold and flu season. So when you have the sniffles at the office you are often swarmed with strange and sometimes downright kooky advice. But not all home remedies are the same, explains AsapScience. 

While many home sick remedies are nonsense, there are a few that actually, scientifically work, and can help you fight that nasty cold, cough, and flu. 


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Jan 282015
What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared

It’s a common science fiction question. What would happen if human beings suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth? In just a matter of weeks the world would become chaos, explains AsapScience, as now free domesticated animals battle wild ones, power plants shut down, bridges and skyscrapers rust, and entire cities catch fire and burn. Hollywood needs to make this into a movie…


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Jan 082015
Nice Guys Actually Finish First

The saying and the song goes that nice guys finish last. But that’s not exactly true explains Asap Science. In nature, ‘mean’ or anti-social animals actually don’t do as well as their social counterparts. Even humans have been found to be better off when we are nice to each other. So help each other out, and you just might be helping yourself as well. 


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Dec 052014
The Science Love Song

Nerds are of course good at math and science. The one thing most nerds struggle with is the romance department. But that’s all about to change. Greg and Mitch of Asap Science created and sing this very romantic and scientifically accurate science love song that will get any nerdy couple in the mood to make a chemical reaction. 


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Nov 102014
Why Do We Like Our Own Farts

It may be crude, but it’s often the case. There’s no other way to say it: most people like the smell of their own farts. But why? As gross and hilarious as it may seem, scientists have confirmed that in a blind smell test, people prefer the smell of their own gas to other people’s brew. Asap Science explains why in this ridiculous educational video


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