Jul 062014
Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True

The brain is the most powerful and mysterious organ in our body. Even today, scientists and doctors have only skimmed the surface of the brain. Naturally, the brain has been surrounded by myths and legends for years. Some of these falsehoods still live to this day, such as the fallacy that humans only use 10% of the brain. There’s actually a brand new sci-fi flick starring Scarlett Johansson based on this idea. 

Educator Asap Sscience covers this and other myths about the brain you thought were true in this new video


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Jun 262014
Reasons Why We Should All Be Eating Insects

Just the idea of eating bugs grosses most Western people out, but bugs have been part of the human diet for centuries across the world. More than ever, there are many good reasons we should start incorporating insects into our diet again. Compared to common meats, crickets contain about the same amount of protein, but even more vitamins and minerals and less fat. Also, it takes very little land and water to grow crickets, while 38% of the planet is now dedicated just for cow pastures. 


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Jun 162014
Should You Hover Over A Public Toilet Seat

We’ve all been there. You really have to go to the bathroom, but the public toilet looks nastier than a biohazard. So here’s the question: does it really help to cover the seat with toilet paper or even squat?

Asap Science explains in this video that unless there is a literal mess on the seat, your body’s standard self defense mechanisms are strong enough to withstand most of the yuck. The rest is all in your head. 


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May 292014
Audio Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

Can we really trust our ears asks the science nerds of Asap Science. Most people don’t realize that what we hear is greatly dependent on the lips of the speaker. We are all subconsciously reading lips. Because of the McGurk Effect, viewers hear different words based not only on what we hear, but also on the visuals we see.

This trending video covers this and other audio illusions that will blow your mind. 


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May 242014
The Science Of Laziness

Ahh, it’s finally the lazy weekend. But what is it about lounging around doing nothing that feels so darn good? And why are some people more lazy than others? Asap Science explains that there is clear science backing up a so-called ‘lazy gene.’ Some people are simply more lazy than others as they crave relaxation while others crave exercise and excitement.  


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