Jul 092015
100 Years of Men’s Fashion

It seems the Internet has found a new trend. After covering women’s makeup and fashion styles over the past century from around the world many times before, Mode’s Glam has stepped forward to finally put the spotlight on men. In this new video, they cover the past 100 years of male fashion in America. Looking good guys! 


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Jul 092015
Guy Proves To Manufacturer That His Light Bulb Doesn’t Work In Best Way Possible

Eran C. Galili‘s new fancy smart LED Wi-Fi enabled LIFX light bulb cost him a pretty penny, so he wasn’t happy when it wasn’t working properly. But when he contacted customer support they asked for a video to confirm the issue. He decided to make this entertaining video to prove his point. The Internet seems to agree with Eran as this short film has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Jul 072015
240 Years Of American Army Uniforms

Even though America’s birthday has just passed, IJReview only published this patriotic video now. As America is such a young country, there have not been that many different uniforms in the army. Here are all the different US Army uniforms, from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afghanistan, in just 120 seconds. Happy Independence Day!


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Jul 062015
Artist Draws Portrays On Etch A Sketch In Just Minutes

The drawing toy Etch A Sketch has been a must have for kids of all ages ever since it hit toy stores in the 1960’s. But most of us can’t draw anything more than a box or a house. That’s what makes artist Christoph Brown such a unique man. Not only is he able to draw a gorgeous portrait of someone on an Etch A Sketch, but it only takes him a couple of minutes, reports USA TODAY


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Jun 292015
100 Years Of Beauty

Cut Video has become famous online for their gorgeous series in which they cover the past century of beauty and fashion trends from different countries around the world. For their latest episode, they review past 100 years of Russian makeup and beauty fads. 


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