Apr 232014
Matching Singing Bird Pistols Are Priceless Works Of Art

In association with world renown art group Christie’s, Aurel Bacs covers the timeless, priceless, and only known matching pair of gold and enamel singing bird pistols. Created by European specialists Frères Rochat in the 1800′s, the pistols are mechanical marvels in addition to being beautiful art. Covered in gold, diamonds, and rubies, the pistols ‘shoot’ tiny, realistic birds which sing a gorgeous song. 

This video describing the pistols has only gone viral now with over 100,000 new views!


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Apr 212014
Food Rains On Guy In Super Slow Motion

Eccentric YouTuber Steve Kardynal is using his online celebrity status to help promote the important charity Action Against Hunger

So what did he do?

He teamed up with Alex Negrete and the two each made a video of themselves being showered in different foods, all in slow motion. 

It’s an epic watch as the two are smothered in ketchup, cereal, noodles, and more!


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Apr 192014
‘Happy’ Music Video Without The Music Is Weird

House of Halo used some masterful editing, and somehow removed the music from Pharrell’s ultra popular Happy music video. It’s a strange watch with just the singing and sound effects.

The music-less music video has gone viral over the week with over 440,000 views!


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Apr 172014
Nature Lover Build Epic Bear Sculpture From All Natural Materials

Ben Gazsi is an artist who also loves Mother Earth. So when he creates art, he makes sure it is harmonious with nature. His latest project was an epic, nine foot tall bear sculpture, assembled entirely from natural parts.

The bear is still standing at Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia


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