Nov 252014
Drone Captures Gorgeous Footage Of Dom Tower Tallest Church In The Netherlands

The Dom Tower of Utrecht, or Domtoren Utrecht in Dutch, is well known in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe for having the tallest church tower. The gorgeous Gothic style tower stands just over 110 meters tall. Drone flyer Overview waited ten long months until the weather was just right to fly his camera equipped drone up into the sky to record this breathtaking video. The clip has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Nov 232014
Dress Shoe Repair Is Oddly Satisfying

Most people today buy cheap shoes made in the third world and simply throw them away once the soles get worn out. But there was a time when shoes could last you years and years, if not decades. Instead of throwing your shoes you would have a professional cobbler fix them. Pick Up My Repair is one of England’s best cobblers who can bring old shoes back to life. 

In this oddly satisfying video, they bring an old pair of dress shoes back from the dead. Ahhhh. 


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Nov 202014
Adorable Animation ‘Nuggets’ Is A Sad Allegory About Addiction

A cute kiwi bird walking down the road minding his own business discovers a golden nugget. After poking and prodding the strange nugget, the kiwi decides to drink it. Suddenly, all is yellow and warm, and the kiwi can fly for the first time. Soon, the kiwi is running to find his next nugget even if he stumbles after the brief flight. The only problem is, after each nugget the flights keep getting shorter and the falls keep getting harder. 

The cartoon, titled Nuggets, was published by German animators Film Bilder a month ago, but the animation has only gone viral now with over half a million new views!


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