Oct 092015
Group Of Guys Turn Their Lives Around In 30 Days

Young people these days have a bad reputation for being lazy, ungrateful, and addicted to technology. In an attempt to reject this lifestyle, a group of Millennial friends decided to grab life by the horns. They spent a month doing something new, intimidating, and out of their comfort zone every day. This compilation of their adventure has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Oct 082015
Men’s Eyewear Over The Past Century

It wasn’t that long ago that only the rich and powerful were able to afford glasses. Thankfully today, glasses are much cheaper. Now, people often wear glasses for fashion purposes. BuzzFeed reviews all the different kinds of fads and fashion trends men’s eyewear has gone through over the past 90 years. 


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Oct 052015
moose drone

Norwegian drone enthusiast Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen was flying his camera equipped drone around the vast wilderness in his home country when he stumbled upon a stunning moose. But surprisingly, when he took the drone in to get a closer look, the moose seemed more curious than scared. 


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Oct 012015
100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

Women have been wearing white during their wedding for ages. But that doesn’t mean the dress has looked the same. Just over the past 100 years, the style of wedding dresses have evolved and changed many times. 

Mode covers the past 100 years of wedding dresses in this trending video


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Sep 302015
Awesome Dad Builds Best Bed Ever For His Son

A simple children’s bed from IKEA is fine and all, but Eric Strong wasn’t satisfied. So after getting one for his son, he got to work putting some awesome custom twists on the bed. After he was done, the bed had a slide, a hidden room, a secret backdoor, LED lighting and more! This video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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