May 032013

These days, Reese Witherspoon is most famous for her role in Legally Blonde. But now, it is the Hollywood starlet who is in desperate need of a real lawyer.

While visiting Atlanta, she and her husband were pulled over, and her husband was subsequently arrested. Reese was obviously very upset by this, so she got out of the car to debate the ruling of the state trooper. 

After telling her to return to her car–which she disobeyed citing that she is ‘an American citizen’–Trooper First Class J. Pyland arrested the 37 year old actress for obstructing justice. 

As is tradition in the media, TMZ is the publisher of the now viralviral dashcam video


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Oct 312012

NSFW Warning – Police swearing 

Halloween is a fun day for kids to dress up and get free candy. For adults, Halloween is a fun day to dress up, get drunk, and act like a “stupid idiot.”

This year, a certain drunk guy in a Ghostbusters costume won the Internet award for being awesomely drunk, and getting arrested. While the police were in the neighborhood to seemingly deal with rowdy Halloween parties, the Ghostbuster thought it would be a great idea to climb a cop car, and backflip over an officer

Naturally, the cops arrest him, and naturally, they take it too far. After the stunt, it was quite obvious the ‘Buster wasn’t a threat, just a fool. Nevertheless, one officer body slammed the drunk against his car, grabbed his neck, and sneered, “Don’t you f—-ing move! You don’t f—-ing do that you stupid idiot!”

The acrobat was arrested for mischief and being drunk in a public place, which has viewers shocked. “He was drunk when he did that?!?!”

Tannery Media Zoo caught the whole scene (LEGALLY, according to CTVNews) on camera, and now the video is going viral, being further featured on TMZ, Reddit, and CosbySweater


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Nov 192011

In what has already become an icon for the Occupy protests across the globe, this video shows retired Philadelphia Police Captain, Raymond Lewis, being arrested by NYPD officers at the protests at Zuccotti Park. The Twitter account @CaptainRayLewis states that he has been arrested, and will be back protesting. You know things are getting serious when police are arresting older, more experienced, yet retired police. Read more on MyFoxPhilly


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Sep 052010

This is so dumb, but it is going viral on Facebook. I don’t understand why people would ‘like’ this, but I guess it could be all the mercury in the tuna.

There are different versions of this fan page. One going around now makes you fill out a survey, sends you to a fake Facebook page, and offers you nothing once your done.

Another is a short video a kid a school being arrested in the cafeteria. We have no idea what he did or what happened before or after. The video description says: ‘what he did was throw his lunch tray at a pop machine 4 times, kicked a garbage can at a Mexican kid’.  Lame and boring.


Here is another post of what the Facebook fan page is. This makes more sense. A fire at a school, apparently by the kid who was expelled.


Here’s another version of the Facebook fan page ”OMG Look What this Kid did to His School After Getting Expelled!’. It’s an old video of a news report of a kid who brought a gun to school.

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