Apr 172012

This week old video by , or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has amassed over 310,000 views, and is featured on PopularScience.

The video showcases their latest bipedal robot climbing stairs, walking on a treadmill and doing pushups. We’re only a couple years away from SkyNet now. 


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Apr 122012

There are countless wonderful and sweet military reunion videos out there thanks to the WelcomeHomeBlog, but this one really sticks out as special.

Little Will was in Kindergarten when his older brother Jay came to surprise him in school while serving in the US army. When his teacher told him someone was in front for him, you can hear Will gasp in shock and freeze, taking a moment to fully calculate the gravity of the situation.

Then he shouted out “Jay! Hey, buddy! Jay’s home!” and ran to his big brother’s arms. 


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Mar 282012

After MSG Joseph D. of the U.S. Army returned home, there was one child he and his wife wanted to especially surprise. Their only daughter, a high school senior, was giving a speech in the school auditorium, and they thought of no better place to surprise her.

The video is the latest from the WelcomeHomeBlog to go viral, amassing over 170,000 views in a week, and being featured by CBSNewsTheFeed


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Mar 242012

Pets reuniting with their masters who were away at war are always a popular viral video genre. And  is the latest soldier to go viral after posting video of his super excited Boxer greeting him after months of serving away from home. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends


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