Apr 302012

Ranger Nick Paul of the comedy group  went viral over the weekend with his heart-wrenching plea video.

On March 4th, Bob Strait, a 90 year old US veteran, and his 85 year old wife, Nancy, had their home broken into. Four or five monsters beat the two until they blacked out, but not before raping Nancy. Her wounds would take her life the next day.

Now, Nick only asks for justice and for the country that claims to support veterans so dearly actually do so. The Rangers are asking Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for their support, so please send this video to them. 


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Apr 292012

This is the latest pet reunion video from the touching and uplifting WelcomeHomeBlog to go viralviral, amassing over 650,000 views in under a week. 

The video features the German Shepard Ranger fetching his favorite toy, the Green Monster, only to return to find his loving master back from war. It’s a touching reunion, and is featured on FacebookDailyMail and BostBarStool.


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Apr 262012

Faux news channel –not to be confused with Fox New Channel–hit a viral home run with their latest ‘news report‘ from Afghanistan.

‘Autistic’ reporter Michael Falk is rightfully confused when the American troops he is interviewing say they are sad their four fellow soldiers were killed in a recent battle, but happy that twenty-three Taliban soldiers were killed. It’s all very confusing. 


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Apr 172012

This week old video by , or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has amassed over 310,000 views, and is featured on PopularScience.

The video showcases their latest bipedal robot climbing stairs, walking on a treadmill and doing pushups. We’re only a couple years away from SkyNet now. 


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Apr 122012

There are countless wonderful and sweet military reunion videos out there thanks to the WelcomeHomeBlog, but this one really sticks out as special.

Little Will was in Kindergarten when his older brother Jay came to surprise him in school while serving in the US army. When his teacher told him someone was in front for him, you can hear Will gasp in shock and freeze, taking a moment to fully calculate the gravity of the situation.

Then he shouted out “Jay! Hey, buddy! Jay’s home!” and ran to his big brother’s arms. 


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