Feb 042014
Apple’s Tribute To 30 Years Of Technology Will Inspire You

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Apple Macintosh computer, and kick started a new age of technology. 

In honor of three decades, Apple sent 15 camera crews with iPhones around the world to capture people from Melbourne to Los Angeles engaging in the world with Apple products. 

They put together this short film, simply titled 1.24.14, from the 70 hours of footage. 

Here’s to another thirty years


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Dec 172013
‘Misunderstood’ Teen Makes Family Christmas Video With iPhone Apple Commercial

This Apple iPhone commercial for Christmas is quickly going viral. 

The advert showcases a family’s holiday get together with one teen boy who seems completely lost in his iPhone. Instead of taking part in reality and sharing the moment with his relatives, he’s stuck in virtual reality. 

But his emotional absence is OK, because he was using his phone to make a Christmas home video the entire time which he shares with his thankful family. 


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Dec 032013
Morgan Freeman Finger Painting On iPad Looks More Like A Photograph

This iPad finger painting video by Kyle Lambert has instantly gone viral with over 1.4 million hits in one day. 

And for good reason. His finger painting of actor Morgan Freeman looks more like a high quality photograph!


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Nov 092013
Beyonce Facetimes With Fan During Concert

During her concert in Adelaide, Australia, Beyonce “Facetimed” with one lucky fan.

As she was singing her hit single Irreplaceable, and shaking the hands of front row fans, the world famous starlet noticed one fan on their iPhone. 

“This is a first,” she said as she grabbed the phone, and smiled into the iPhone camera.

“Hi, he’s doing Facetime right now. Nice to meet you,” she politely said to the lucky digital concert goer. 

YouTuber RJC626 caught the entire scene on their smart phone, and now the subsequent video has gone viral with over 300,000 hits!


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