May 082015
Senior Citizens Try Out The New Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is finally here. Most young people are excited about the watch, but what about the older generation? Do they even understand what it is? The Fine Brothers gathered a group of senior citizens to give them a test drive with the new Apple Watch. How will they react? Would they buy one?


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May 032015
Kids Try Out The Brand New Apple Watch

The brand new Apple Watch that connects to your iPhone 5 or 6 is one of the hottest tech gadgets of this year. But will people buy it? Usually, the younger generation are the ones who can pick up the latest technology with an instant learning curve. 

So how will young kids react to the brand new Apple Watch? The Fine Brothers found out in this new video


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Apr 262015
How to Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Gold One

Apple fans are buzzing now that the new Apple Watch has finally been released. Most users will buy the intro model that has a plastic arm band for $399. Only the most affluent can afford the gold model that comes with the outrageous price tag of $12,000.  

But New York film director Casey Neistat has figured out how to make your ‘cheap’ plastic Apple Watch into a gold one. It just requires some spray paint. 


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Mar 202015
Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Charger

Fans love Apple for the company’s high tech gadgets and intuitive designs. But even Apple fans get annoyed when the world famous technology company changes the chargers for each new iteration of their phones and laptops for apparently no reason. Finally, College Humor explains why Apple does this in this new viral parody sketch


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Mar 122015
Apple ‘Engineer’ Explains Why The Brand New Macbook Is Awful

Apple’s brand new Macbook has people in the technology world shocked. The laptop is incredibly thin, but at what cost? The computer has a very weak chip, one that is found in older tablets. And there’s only one port! What in the world?!

Techy Armando Ferreira made this critique video of a man speaking in Spanish with hilariously edited subtitles that has gone instantly viral. 


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