Jan 012015
priceis right

The Internet is peppered with clips from The Price Is Right showcasing players who seemingly have never gone shopping in their lives. Now, this new clip is trending after two players guessed that a brand new iPhone 6 with a one year data contract cost over $7,500! Com’n people! 


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Dec 262014
Man Surprises Parents By Paying Off Their Mortgage For Christmas

Programmer Joeyt Riquelme is the creator of the popular video editing iPhone app VideoShop. Now that he is ‘living the life’ he decided to help his parents. He payed off their mortgage completely and surprised them with the news on Christmas. Best son ever! 

This moving video has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Dec 042014
iPad Drummer Will Impress You

This music video by Japanese musician Appleman was published almost two years ago, but it has been trending now more than ever, standing with over 1.2 million hits! Since drums are so expensive and take up so much space, Appleman decided to learn the drums on the iPad. He’s surprisingly good for only drumming with his finger tips! 


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Sep 242014
iPhone 6 Plus Easily Bends In Bend Test

Unsurprisingly, the brand new iPhone 6 has been the best selling iPhone yet. But there is also some bad news. Reports have come out that users have discovered their iPhone 6 Plus had become bent after keeping it in their pocket. Unbox Therapy wanted to test those reports, and discovered that the new iPhone 6 Plus actually is very susceptible to bending.  


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Sep 202014
Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines In New York?

It used to be every time Apple introduced a new product die hard fans would camp outside of their local Apple store to get their hands on it. Today, most fans order the product online. So who is camping outside of the stores these days?

New York based freelance journalist Casey Neistat noticed something very odd about the lines for the iPhone 6 in New York City. They all seemed to be populated by older Chinese people who couldn’t speak English and did not look like your stereotypical Apple fan.

So what was really going on? When the doors opened no one clapped, and nearly everyone bought two iPhones with cash. Something was definitely afoot, and Casey thinks it has something to do with the black market. 


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