May 052014
Steadfast Stanley Is The Dog That Won’t Let Even A Zombie Apocalypse Stand In His Way

Steadfast Stanley may seem like any ol’ dog, but he’s actually quite special. He’s only a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but when his owners accidentally leave him behind during a zombie apocalypse he does everything in his power to get back to them. His journey may be short, but it’s not without adventure and suspense.  created the short cartoon for his third year project at the California Institute of the Arts, and he better have received an A! The animation style and art are just perfect!


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Jan 172014
UPS Stumbles Upon Apocalyptic Scene

Youtuber OutdoorsPOV is a UPS man who delivers to the same nursing hospital on a daily basis.

But today was not like any other day. Instead of being greeted by a busy healthcare center, he discovered the place barren.

No cars, staff, or patients, but the lights were on and the place was a mess.

Could this be the Apocalypse?

“It was very creepy walking in.”

He appropriately titled his video How I imagine I’ll see a zombie for the first time


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Nov 152013
Noah Official Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming faith based film, Noah, has gone viral!

The apocalyptic Bible movie tells the notorious story of the world flood that rinsed the Earth of Man’s sins, and stars Russell Crowe as Noah, with Emma Watson. 

The film debuts in theaters March 28, 2014. 


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Oct 252013
TED Talk For Zombies Parody

The much anticipated Apocalypse has finally come!

Now that the zombies have taken over in its wake, the zombies need innovative ideas to hunt down their human prey more efficiently. 

Thankfully Official Comedy has introduced DED Talks, the new undead version of the trendy TED Talks, just in time for Halloween


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May 072012

The epiphany specialists and gifted animators at  conducted a very nerdy and interesting interview with Daniel H. Wilson. After talking with the NY Times bestselling author of the book Robopocalypse, they added adorable animations, making the video that much more engrossing. 

The video is featured on Reddit, TastefullyO, Devour, and VideoSift


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