Mar 092016
How Deadpool Should Have Ended

After a seemingly endless barrage of Marvel superhero movies, many viewers and fans were burning out of enthusiasm. But Deadpool has given the segment new life with record breaking numbers at the box office. 

In honor of the dark superhero film, the nerds at How It Should Have Ended gave the movie their signature treatment by offering a different closing. 


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Mar 012016
The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

For years, America and nearly all other countries around the world have been a waging a war on drugs. But you can’t really fight a war against plants and chemicals. After spending billions of dollars and imprisoning countless non-violent offenders, many people have come to the realization that the war on drugs is a failure. Kurzgesagt explains further in this video. 


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Feb 222016
Presidential Front Runners Star In Simpsons Clip

There’s no denying it no. Election season is upon us. Now that the first primaries have taken place, The Simpsons have brought the front runners from both parties to life in this clip. 


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Feb 142016
Disney Princesses Singing In Their Original Language

Nearly every Disney princess is inspired from an older folk story. These stories have been around in Europe and around the world for ages. So the movies lovers at Movie Munchies thought it would be interesting to show viewers what famous Disney princess songs would sound like in their original languages. 



Part 2:


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Feb 092016
How Star Wars The Force Awakens Should Have Ended

By now, everyone who wanted to see Star Wars The Force Awakens has finally seen it. So it’s no surprise the film has become a record breaker at the box office. But the sci-fi nerds at How It Should Have Ended didn’t like the ending of the movie, so they created this video with their own twist on how the ending of The Force Awakens should have gone down. 


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