Sep 022014
The Idiot’s Guide To College

In the past, only the best and brightest went to college and they went with a career in mind. Today, nearly everyone goes to college, even the class clowns. With the government offering subsidized student loans, and Hollywood selling the exciting college experience, who wouldn’t sign up for four years of partying? Above Average explains why that may not be the best idea in this humorous sketch, The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: College.


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Aug 292014
Everything Wrong With Toy Story

Pixar’s Toy Story is one of their most popular feature films. It also happens to be their first major project that launched the digital studio into the spotlight. As the computer animated cartoon is loved by young and old, the movie buffs at Cinema Sins have decided to ruin it forever and review everything wrong with Toy Story


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Aug 272014
Homer Simpson Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going on strong online. It seems everyone is getting in on the action. Even famous cartoon characters. Homer J Simpson is the latest famous celebrity to take the challenge. Naturally, the writers add a humorous twist at the end. 


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