Oct 202013
The Most Horrifying Parasites

Popular education channel Asap SCIENCE has left viewers uneasy after reviewing the most horrifying parasites ever just in time for Halloween.

These disturbing buggers, worms, and lice can enter the body in countless ways, from a mosquito bite to eating raw fish. Your best form of defense is to make sure to fully cook your food and wash your hands!



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Oct 192013
Which Came First The Rain Or The Rainforest?

Which came first questions will always confuse mankind.

Back in January Asap SCIENCE answered the age old question ‘which was first, the chicken or the egg,’ and satisfied over 13 million curious viewers thirsty for the answer. 

Sister educational channel Minute Earth now asks a similar question in their latest video. Which came first, the rain or the rain forest? Finally, we may have an answer. 


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Oct 162013
Fight Club In 60 seconds

The first rule of Fight Club is… oops almost broke the first two rules.

In case you aren’t familiar with the popular Edward Norton, Brad Pitt film, or just want to revisit the story real fast, the speed run masters at animation studio 1A4STUDIO made this quick summary of the movie to be consumed in just 60 seconds.  


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Oct 162013
Superman 75 Years Synopsis Animated Short

Even though he is 75 years old, Superman hasn’t aged a bit.

In honor of his 75th anniversary, DC Comics put together this animated short recapping Clark Kent’s adventures, from his first comic book debut to Man of Steel

Check out the official list of annotation here.


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