Nov 012013
Epic Star Wars-Nintendo Mash Up Animation

James Farr is geeky mash up master.

He loves mashing up classic nerd favorites with Nintendo characters and references, such as his Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas and Super Mariobusters fusion videos. 

He has returned with his most epic synthesis yet, seamlessly blending the Star Wars and Nintendo universes together to produce a nerd’s dream.

How many Nintendo references can you count?


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Nov 012013
Calvin And Hobbes Dancing

Ahh, nostalgia. The web loves it! 

Of all the daily comics from the past, one of the most popular online has to be Calvin and Hobbes.

Adam Animates is a huge fan of the Bill Watterson strip, so much so, he made this short animated homage of Calvin and his tiger best friend dancing in the woods. 

The 30 second clip has managed to amass over a quarter million hits this week!


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Oct 302013
The Hobbit Themed Simpsons Introduction Couch Gag

Four weeks ago, The Simpsons exploded online with their horror-themed ‘couch gag’ introduction created by Mexican film director and ‘horror master’ Guillermo del Toro.

That video now stands with over 21 million views!

Now, Fox’s Animation Domination has just published this latest couch gag intro parodying the popular Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, that web nerds can’t resist.


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Oct 292013
Can Stress Actually Kill You?

We all know that stress is bad, m’kay, but can stress actually kill you

Asap SCIENCE explains that chronic stress can really cause serious bodily harm.

Since we longer have immediate physical dangers looming, such as hungry lions, our bodies instead fire off stress hormones like cortisol in reaction to impending tests or loan payments.

In this new 24/7 world, we are all constantly stressed from work and life, so it is critical to make time to relax with others which has been found to help reduce stress.


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Oct 292013
How World War Z Should Have Ended

Prominent hypothetical movie-critic channel How It Should Have Ended has returned to explain how the summer blockbuster World War Z should have ended

Because of a simple plot hole, the alternative ending really isn’t all that climactic at all…


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