Aug 262013

NASA has some seriously ambitious plans in case an asteroid ever flies by Earth. Instead of publishing long, boring reports the public isn’t interested in, NASA correctly chose to debut their Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept as an exciting animation.

Already, the new CGI video has garnered over 300,000 views, and is further covered on DVice, YouTubeTrends, io9, and RedOrbit.


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Aug 212013

Apocalyptic science fiction movies never get old apparently, as Hollywood keeps churning them out. One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer was the aliens in the ocean battle movie Pacific Rim.

As usual, How It Should Have Ended had their own ideas of how the movie should have closed and shares their vision in this new animation.


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Aug 202013

Science and religion are one of the oldest rivalries on the planet, but that might not be the case. More and more theologians and philosophers are coming forward to explain that the Big Bang and the Bible don’t have to contradict one another.

Now, popular education channel Minute Physics has just debuted this new video to help ease the complexity of the confusing subject matter.  


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Aug 172013

You may tell yourself and your friends you only had 3 beers last night, but your garbage doesn’t lie. It knows there was 7 empties in there.

For years, archaeologist have been studying past civilizations by rummaging through their… trash. Minute Earth explains that the garbage is a great place to look to better understand a people. 


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