Jan 102014
Can Plants Think?

Plants are of course very much alive with many senses, but how complex are they really? Can they think?

Education channel Asap SCIENCE delves deep into the world of plants and explains that in many ways plants can communicate with other plants, exchange water, and might even have some form of memory!


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Jan 072014
How Your Dog Can Protect You Before You’re Born

Dogs can protect you from burglaries and assist the disabled, but did you know they can even help unborn children?

Expecting mothers who have dogs have a better chance that their babies will have a stronger immune system.

Minute Earth explains how in this new educational animation


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Jan 062014
Sprinter VS Marathoner Explained

Sprinters and marathon runners are notorious for having completely opposite body types. 

But why? They both just run, right?

Not exactly. The sprinter runs extremely fast for a short time, while the marathoner runs at a steady pace for hours. 

SEEQvideo explains the difference in this older video animation from 2012 which has only gone viral now with 300,000 brand new views!


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