Dec 232013
The Nocebo Is The Opposite Of The Placebo Effect

Most people have heard of the placebo effet, the idea that a completely inert medicine can make people feel better simply because they think they are taking a helpful medication. 

But did you know the nocebo effect is also real? That’s right. 

As popular online educator CGP Grey explains, people often feel the negative side effects of a completely impotent ‘medicine’ as well, such as headaches or depression. 


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Dec 222013
Experimental Pottery Animation

This simple ceramic pot may look like any other but it is far from it. 

Crafts Council worked with Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone to create this pottery animation.

After setting up the art on computer to work out the precise specifications, the team was able to make a living animation by spinning their experimental pottery.


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Dec 212013
The History And Future Of Everything Animation

Humans have a strange relationship with time. We can grasp time in small pieces. Days, months, even years. But as time adds up, we lose the ability to fully make sense of it all. It’s just so overwhelming.

Thankfully, Kurzgesagt and Wait But Why teamed up and took the time to completely cover The History And Future Of Everything.


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Dec 202013
JibJab 2013 Year In Review

Jib Jab was one of the original viral video creators long before YouTube was even an idea.

Every year, they wrap up the most iconic and memorable events, people, and stories that had everyone talking. 

This year’s video, titled What A Year, recalls stories such as the NSA spying scandal, government shutdown, Breaking Bad finale, Harlem Shake meme, Miley Cyrus dancing, crazy weather, and much, much more. 


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