Nov 192013
The Chemistry Of Cookies Animation

Have you ever screwed up while baking a cake only to feel like a complete failure?

Well, don’t feel bad, because baking isn’t simple. It’s actually very complex chemistry. And we all know how hard Chem 101 can be. 

In this enlightening animation, TED-Ed explains the very intricate chemistry of baking cookies


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Nov 182013
Sesame Street Thanksgiving Spoof

Outrageous cartoon show Animation Domination High-Def imagines what a Sesame Street Thanksgiving might look like. 

Naturally, things take a dark turn very quickly. 

But that’s OK, because there’s only 26 shopping days left…


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Nov 152013
Dramatic ‘Ending Over-Fishing’ Animation

As educational channel Minute Earth has explained, we are zealously over-fishing our oceans, putting our food, our climate, and our own way of life in jeopardy. 

This year old computer animation by environmentalist channel OCEAN2012EU attempts to drive the idea deeper into the mind of the viewer. 

We need to stop over-fishing as a human species, and can help by contacting our government representatives. 


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Nov 152013
Mars Evolution

NASA Goddard has gone viral with this stunning artist interpretation of what Mars might have looked like four billion years ago. 

At one point when the atmosphere was still thick and warm, scientists believe there was water on Mars– the most important ingredient for life.

In one day, the hypothetical computer animation has amassed over half a million views!


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Nov 142013
Are Silent Farts Really Worse?

Every school kid knows the adage, and even parents remember the myth. Silent farts are supposedly stronger than the gasses that make a toot as they exit.

But are silent farts really deserving of being known as ‘deadly?’

Prominent educational channel Asap SCIENCE investigates this imperative topic in their latest video


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