Feb 032014
Regular OK Cat Song

Everyone knows the Internet loves cats. There are even cat celebrities somehow, such as Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat

But not every cat can be famous, bark like a dog, or perform hilarious and adorable fails. 

Animation Domination High-Def made this Cat Song in honor of all the regular, OK cats. 


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Feb 032014
How Star Wars The Phantom Menace Should Have Ended

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace will forever go down as one of the greatest let downs in nerd history. Countless reviews and reassessments have been made on how the film could have easily told a better story. 

Now, the ever popular How It Should Have Ended channel has taken a swing at how the movie should have ended, and knocks it outta the park!

Yes, can we please watch this version instead!


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Feb 022014
Amazing Olympic Facts

Did you know the first place winners at the Olympics don’t really receive a gold medal? It’s actually sterling silver with only 6 grams of gold plating. 

As the Sochi Olympics in Russia is just around the corner, educator Asap SCIENCE divulges some amazing facts about the world sporting event. 


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Jan 302014
Tinderella Is The Modern Fairy Tale Version Of Cinderalla

We all know the story of Cinderalla, but what if the fairy tale took place in the 21st century, wondered College Humor.

Instead of magic helping her our, Cinderalla would meet her prince on Tinder, and live happily ever after by never seeing him again. 


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Jan 282014
How Do Trees Survive Winter

Think about it. Most plants die in the winter as water turns to ice crystals and puncture leaf cells. So how do trees survive the cold winter months?

Minute Earth explains that many tress have evolved a number of techniques to survive sub-freezing temperatures, including sticky, yummy syrup. 


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