Jan 032014
Should We Eat Bugs

Bugs and creepy crawlers ‘ick’ out most Westerners, but for many people around the world, bugs are a regular item on the menu. 

For centuries, we humans have been eating bugs of all sorts for their nutrition and protein. 

So, should we start eating bugs again now as the world struggles with food productivity? TED-Ed discusses the topic in this trending animation.


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Dec 292013
Etch A Sketch Inventor Tribute

Many famous personalities, celebrities, and musicians passed in 2013.

André Cassagnes, the inventor of the iconic Etch A Sketch drawing toy, is one of the lesser known people who left our world this year.  

The New York Times honors the man and his invention in this mesmerizing animation


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Dec 262013
Superman vs Hulk Part 3

The Hulk and Superman have been battling since 2011 in eye-popping CGI shorts created by 3D animator Mike Habjan

Together, his first Part 1 and Part 2 have amassed over 40 million views!

Finally, he has returned to Part 3 of the action packed series.


Via TheAwesomer

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