May 052014
Steadfast Stanley Is The Dog That Won’t Let Even A Zombie Apocalypse Stand In His Way

Steadfast Stanley may seem like any ol’ dog, but he’s actually quite special. He’s only a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but when his owners accidentally leave him behind during a zombie apocalypse he does everything in his power to get back to them. His journey may be short, but it’s not without adventure and suspense.  created the short cartoon for his third year project at the California Institute of the Arts, and he better have received an A! The animation style and art are just perfect!


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May 022014
The Luckiest Unlucky Person To Ever Live

Frane Selak from a small town in Croatia is known as the luckiest unlucky person to ever live. How does that title make sense? It all started in 1962 when the train Frane was travelling jumped the tracks and plunged into the river blow. Frane survived with only a broken arm. Since then Frane survived countless other accidents, crashes, and explosions. But what happened in 2003 is what really earned him the name The Luckiest Unlucky Person To Ever Live.


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May 012014
How The Lego Movie Should Have Ended

The Lego Movie was a smash hit with all ages and audiences. Even though it was a fantastic film, the ending just didn’t make all that much sense. Thankfully, the popular web show How It Should Have Ended has stepped forward to offer a much better wrap up for the movie.


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Apr 282014
How Tsunamis Work

Tsunamis have been in the news far too many times over the past few years for their devastating effects on coastal cities. One of Japan’s nuclear power plants was recently slammed by a tsunami and the country is still dealing with clean up. But how does a tsunami work? What is occurring that causes the water to grow up to 100 feet high before slamming cities and towns? 

Alex Gendler of TED-Ed explains the science behind tsunamis in this trending video


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Apr 212014
Adorable Animation Depicts The Battle Between Cells And Viruses

There’s a war going on right now inside of you. Every second, your healthy cells are battling invading bacteria and viruses that are being spread by other people and animals. Thankfully, our cells are ready for battle, and have a variety of defensive mechanisms. 

As a part of TED-Ed, Shannon Stiles takes viewers on an exciting micro-biological journey as she explains how our cells fight infiltrating viruses in this adorable animation. 


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