Oct 092015
How Ant-Man Should Have Ended

Do you hear that? It’s hard to believe, but after seemingly years of non-stop superhero movies, it seems there is a lull before the next hurricane of Marvel movies next year. As the last superhero movie was Ant-Man, How It Should Have Ended has stepped forward to explain to fans how the film should have actually ended in this new clip. 


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Oct 072015
Honest Trailer Of Aladdin

Besides for The Lion Kid, Aladdin is probably the most popular Disney movie from the 1990’s. The genie, voiced by the late Robin Williams, really made the film. Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the famous cartoon a more honest trailer. 


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Oct 042015
Everything Wrong With WALL-E

One of Pixar’s most believed films is WALL-E. Not only is it endearing and funny, but it’s also an original film. But just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The movie critics of Cinema Sins explain all the problems and ‘sings’ from WALL-E in this viral 12 minute movie review


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Oct 022015
Painfully Accurate Drug Commercial

We’ve all seen those commercials for a slew of medications for any ailment you can think. Many of these ads feature a cute cartoon creature who is just sad and uncomfortable, but with a boost from new medicine is miraculously healed. College Humor mocks these commercial with their painfully accurate drug ad parody


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