Apr 012014
Cats Reacting To Cat Viral Videos Is Adorable

For their April Fools video, The Fine Brothers spoofed their own ever popular React series with cats reacting to viral videos instead of kids or elders

Sure, it’s silly, but adorable nonetheless. Besides, what’s better than a cat viral video? A cat watching a cat viral video of course!


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Mar 302014
Elephant Playing Water Polo Will Put You In A Good Mood

Beco the elephant of the Columbus Zoo just turned five years old. To celebrate, the staff gave Beco a water polo ball to play with. That’s one tough ball. 

Beco won’t make the water polo team anytime soon, but his playful attitude will put a smile on your face. 


Via DailyPicks

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Mar 292014
Two Legged Boxer Playing On The Beach Will Make You Happy

Remember Duncan Lou Who, the two legged Boxer saved by animal welfare group Panda Paws Rescue who went viral back in November? 

Duncan is doing better than ever. Amazingly, he has learned to run pretty fast even without his doggy wheelchair. He actually hates the wheelchair, so the group took Duncan to the beach to let him run free. The trending footage is guaranteed to make you smile.


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Mar 272014
Dog Is Adorably Scared By A Leaf

Most people assume the Boxer is a tough dog. But Senyin‘s ‘tough’ Boxer Leonardo isn’t that tough at all. She heard her dog furiously barking at something on the front porch. After investigating, she realized Leonardo was seemingly terrified by a leaf blowing in the wind. 


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