Jan 152015
Horse Passes A Lot Of Gas

It might be inappropriate to talk about passing gas out in public, but this is the Internet. We can talk about whatever immature topic we like. This video by Lin Files was published in 2012, but has only gone viral now with over one million new hits! The clip features a very relieved horse who farts and farts some more. The Web can’t help but laugh. 


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Jan 132015
Hermit Crab Changes Shell

Hermit crabs are famous for living in shells for protections. As they are completely vulnerable without a shell, they move very quickly if changing from one shell to another. Hermit crab owner Stevie was lucky enough to catch the exact moment when his hermit crab changed shells on camera. 


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Jan 122015
Little Chihuahua Can’t Run In The Snow

This short video is actually a year old, but it has only gone viral now with over 1.3 million new views! As it was snowing outside, Nic showed viewers why his cute little chihuahua Poncho can’t really run in the snow. As he’s dropped Poncho, the little dog sinks down into the thick white stuff and doesn’t seem to move at all as if he were stuck. Adorable. 


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Jan 112015
Dog Is Adorably Confused By Squeaky Toy

Most dogs can’t get enough of squeaky toys. They’ll often squeak them over and over until their owners regret ever buying the stupid toy. But Walter the adorable golden retriever is confused by his squeaky toy. Every time he accidentally squeaks it, he freezes and seems to wonder where in the world that noise came from. So cute!


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Jan 092015
girl controls pit bulls

Little Taysley may only be four years old, but she is already a dog whisperer in the making. In this viral video, the young girl controls six very hungry pit bulls, and makes them patiently wait for their dinner. The new video has gone viral with over 800,000 hits!


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