Jul 092015
The Death Of Bees Explained

Those who are environmentally conscious know that the global bee population has been dropping steadily for years now. The reason for this dramatic change is up for debate. Many believe it is because of genetically modified foods that affect the way the bees communicate. Others believe it is our use of insecticides that change the DNA of bees. Kurz Gesagt attempts to break down the death of bees in this new educational video


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Jul 082015
Elephant Picks Up GoPro

One of the greatest thrills of traveling to Africa is riding exotic animals. While riding a kindhearted elephant in Victoria Falls in Africa, Adrian Fowler accidentally dropped his GoPro camera. Apparently that wasn’t the first time a tourist had dropped something while riding Jock the elephant, because the great animal didn’t hesitate to pick it up with his trunk and pass it on up to Adrian. Coolest elephant ever! 


Via SayOMG.

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Jul 072015
Smart Crow Opens Pizza Box

Crows are notorious as being some of the smartest animals in the wild kingdom. Alex Heschuk was hanging out at the park in Vancouver when he and a few others noticed a crow pecking at a box of pizza. It may have taken the bird a minute, but finally the crow cracked the secret and enjoyed it’s pizza treasure


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Jul 062015
GoPro On Turtle Offers Gorgious View Of Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, which sits off the coast of Queensland in Australia, is literally the largest living thing on Earth. The giant natural habitat to over 6,000 species can actually be seen from space! To better understand the animals living there, conservation organisation WWF-Australia attached a GoPro camera to the back of a green turtle to show viewers just how amazing the Reef is. 


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Jul 062015
Puppy’s First Experience With Air Conditioning Is Adorable

Firsts with a puppy or kitten is always cute. As it was the first hot day of the year, Jones turned on the air conditioning in his car. But he never expected his puppy to react so adorably. The dog seemed to want to eat the flowing cold air. 


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