Mar 232015
Kind Passerby Rescues Lost Baby Bird And Reunites The Bird Family

Patrick Smith was out on a smoke break when he heard a peeping, chirping sound coming from the bushes. Upon further investigation, he found a baby bird stuck in a PVC pipe. He saved the bird and returned the little guy back to mommy and daddy. Awww.  


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Mar 222015
Chickens Go To Bed During Solar Eclipse

As most people heard, there was a solar eclipse over the weekend that was visible in Europe. Apparently, some chickens in the Faroe Islands didn’t get the memo. So when the sky went dark, the chickens thought it was night time and turned in for the evening.

They soon realized that the sun was out again, and continued on with their day.  


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Mar 212015
Guy Freaks Out When He Is Randomly Approached By Farm Animals

Imagine you were just going about your day in the city and a goat and a llama randomly just ran up to you. You would understandably be shocked and just a little freaked out. That’s what happened to plumber Stephen Peterson after he completed a service call in Liverpool, New York. Naturally, he captured the encounter on his smartphone. 

“What is going on?! Is this real??”


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Mar 192015
Feeding Piranhas In A River In Brazil Is Terrifying

In nearly every action movie where the hero travels to the jungle, they often encounter piranha infested waters that they must avoid. But are the famous omnivorous fish really that dangerous? Joao Antonio Cruz Junior demonstrated just how deadly piranhas can be by tossing some meat into a Brazilian river. The ferocious fish instantly attack! 

This creepy video has gone viral with over 3.3 million views!


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