Oct 022014
Dog Is Saved After Falling Into Hot Tar

A poor dog fell into a pot of hot tar in India, and was literally mummified in the sticky, stiff mixture. Thankfully, workers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India found the pooch and ever so slowly rubbed him clean. Naturally, the Web loves this feel good story which has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Sep 292014
Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

Killer Whales are named that for a very good reason. Even tiger sharks fear the powerful beasts. Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach were diving off the coast of Costa Rica when they found a pod of killer whales stalking a tiger shark. Suddenly, the whales struck and tore the shark to pieces! This video by Barcroft has over one million hits!


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Sep 282014
Dog Thinks Glass Door Is Closed

Dogs are funny creatures. After they’ve been trained to do something they find it very hard to break protocol. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Just take this precious puppy. The glass door is open, but the dog still thinks someone has to come to ‘open the door’ before he can cross the invisible barrier. So cute! 


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Sep 272014
Stingray Shockingly Jumps Onto Ramp For Food

This video by Patrick Gareth Leonard has gone viral after being featured by Rumble Viral, and stands with over 3 million hits! While visiting Maldives, tourist stood on a small dock feeding the hungry fish. Suddenly, a particularly ravenous stingray literally swam up the ramp directly to the people to ask for a snack. 


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