Oct 072014
Two Kangaroos Fight In Australian Town

In America, it’s not common, but not unheard of to discover a deer or even a bear roaming through a small town near the woods. But wildlife is a little different in Australia. Aussie Rodney Langham discovered two kangaroos in his town fighting like two boxers going for the gold. 


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Oct 062014
Why Are Tortoises So Slow

The Tortoise is known as one of the slowest animals in the animal kingdom. It even stars in a famous children’s story, The Tortoise And The Hare. But why are they so slow? Craig of Wheezy Waiter and Mental Floss explains that because they eat plants, and can simply hide from predators in their shells they have no need to be fast. Also, you try lugging your house around on your back and see how fast you can move. 


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Oct 032014
Elephants Helps Baby Elephant Up At The Zoo

Elephants make great parents. When an adorable elephant slipped and fell on its back at the Zoo Zürich in Zurich, Switzerland, the adults quickly ran over to help the little guy get back on its feet. This cute clip has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Oct 022014
Tiny Miniature Horse Is Super Cute

Miniature horses are already super cute. But Acer the dwarf horse is especially tiny. Only 22 inches tall, reports Barcroft TV! The cute equine lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham in England. The adorable horse is basically the size of a dog, and that’s pretty much what he thinks he is.


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Oct 022014
Dog Is Saved After Falling Into Hot Tar

A poor dog fell into a pot of hot tar in India, and was literally mummified in the sticky, stiff mixture. Thankfully, workers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India found the pooch and ever so slowly rubbed him clean. Naturally, the Web loves this feel good story which has gone viral with over one million hits!


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