Jan 212014
Bear Attack Prank In Finland

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood recently visited the Dudesons in Finland, and of course couldn’t let the opportunity to prank some Finns go to waste.

As he was by the woods, Roman asked passersby to record him by a bear. Of course the bear was one of his teammates in a costume who attacked once they got too close.


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Jan 202014
Adorable Corgi Knows How To Get Owner’s Attention For More Pets

Kousuke4649b‘s cute Corgi knows how to get his attention. 

When Haru wants more ‘scratchies’ and ‘pets,’ he literally taps his human friend on the arm and nudges his hand.

Just look at the face. Who can deny ‘pets’ to such a cutie?


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Jan 202014
Dog Teaching Puppy How To Descend Stairs VS Cat Teaching Kitten

This hilarious comparison video posted by srwacr has gone viral.

The video seems to authenticate many stereotypes surrounding cats and dogs. 

First, a dog adorably and patiently teaches a puppy how to climb down the stairs. 

Then, a cat ‘teaches’ a kitten how to descend steps in a very feline way.


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Jan 202014
Bird Steals Egg Camera, Films Penguin Colony From The Sky

Wildlife television company John Downer Productions captured some amazing footage with a special ‘egg camera.’

The egg shaped camera was placed in penguin colony to spy on the birds.

But a predatory falcon found the egg, and, assuming it was real food, stole the camera for a quick meal.

The falcon inadvertently made history by being the first bird to capture and record a penguin colony from the sky.


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