Mar 192015
Feeding Piranhas In A River In Brazil Is Terrifying

In nearly every action movie where the hero travels to the jungle, they often encounter piranha infested waters that they must avoid. But are the famous omnivorous fish really that dangerous? Joao Antonio Cruz Junior demonstrated just how deadly piranhas can be by tossing some meat into a Brazilian river. The ferocious fish instantly attack! 

This creepy video has gone viral with over 3.3 million views!


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Mar 132015
Smart Squirrel Figures Out How To Eat From Bird Feeder

Many bird feeders are created with a shield to block off little critters like mice and squirrels from eating all of the bird food. But this smart squirrel figured out how to grab a snack from the feeder anyways. The little guy climbed a nearby fence and took a giant leap of faith to land right on top of the mother load of food. This video is actually five years old, but has only gone viral now.


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Mar 112015
How And Why Do Chameleons Change Color

Chameleons are the most famous creature in the animal kingdom for their supposed camouflage abilities. But that’s not really the case. In reality, chameleons are green and naturally blend into their surrounding. When a male becomes excited, only then does it change to brighter colors of orange, yellow and red to stand out. But how? Veritasium explains in this new video


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Mar 102015
Toddler Gives Dog Adorable Health Checkup

Most little kids want to be a superhero or wizard. But this cute kid knows what she wants to be, and she is already practicing. In this adorable viral video which has over two million views, a toddler gives the family dog a health checkup.

The Internet isn’t sure what’s cuter, the toddler doctor or the well behaved doggy patient. 


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