Mar 242013

Two months ago, the Bill Foundation came across Tessa, a pup in very dire straits who couldn’t walk or even properly see. But rescuer Annie Hart and her colleagues made a promise to offer their best care, and wouldn’t give up. 

Slowly, Tessa progressed through the healing process until she was running and playing like any other dog. Now, the month old video stands with over 75,000 views


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Mar 232013

The Pet Collective is famous for recreating pop songs with a pet friendly twist, like their Game Of Bones or Pet Shop parodies. For their latest hit, they traveled back in time to the 90’s to party with ‘Will Sniff’ and sing the Fresh Pup Of Bel Air, and obvious spoof of the world famous Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song. 


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Mar 202013

NSFW – Language 

YouTuber Nathan Bverbeez was with a friend ‘filming test footage’ out in a field taking video of a cow carcass. It’s a gruesome scene. Then the herd of cows noticed them and started to approach. 

One cow was especially confrontational. Nathan tried to scare the bovine off, but in the end, they were the ones terrified, running from the great beast in fear of their lives. 

Now, the week old chase video stands with over 2.6 million views


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Mar 182013

This short yet sweet video was actually published by shapiro127 at the end of 2010, but it has experienced a second surge of viewership over the weekend. Just over the past few days, it has accumulated over 125,000 views, and is still trending. 

In the only eight second video, an adorable kitten attempts in vain to stop sliding down a playground slide. It’s an adorable few seconds as the kitten meows and slides down to the end of the slope. 

But only at the end do viewers see a fire pit at the landing! Of course, the fire is just CGI special effects, but still some viewers are irked and shocked. 

Others play along with the joke, like YouTuber Aegisgfx who says, “OMG was the fire ok???” 


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