Jun 222012

Most people immediately become terrified at the sighting of a bear, especially when it’s right outside the house. But not . He saw a bear outside, and when he finally spotted it again, he seems almost excited. “Oh, there he is. Hey, bear. What’s up bear?” 

Amazingly, at no point does the cameraman seem fazed by the fact that a powerful bear that could maul his face was just feet away. The two had a semi-dramatic stand off, each beast trying to bluff the other. Finally, he scared the bear away by running after it, screaming, “Run, bear, run!”

 Do not try this at home. 


*Thanks to Bill for keeping our editors on their toes!

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Jun 222012

Steven the cat lives with his owner in Melbourne, Australia, and loves to play with the guitar. He fancies himself a musician who is extremely devoted. 

How devoted, one might ask? When a 6.3 earthquake struck, Steven could barely be troubled to stop playing. And when he does stop, he only seems to be annoyed by the shaking. “Hey, Earth? Can you keep it down? I’m practicing here!”

Of course, like everything online, this too must be taken with a grain of salt. Already, the skeptics are screaming fake. Notice how kitty or even the stationary guitar never actually moves as a result of the shaking. It’s a simple camera trick done very well. So well in fact, that the fraud was featured on Channel Ten and Channel Seven. That’s embarrassing.  


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Jun 202012

This 2009 video published by  just started to trend again now, and is featured in DailyPicks, BlameIt, and TastefullyO.

Jim found a precious baby bat alone, and rescued the little guy. Trying to bring the bugger up back to health, he placed the bat on a high shelf so the mommy bat could hopefully find it, and offered it a tablespoon of water to drink.

In the cutest turn of event ever, the baby bat drank a little too fast, and got the hiccups. 


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Jun 152012

On Mallow Road in the southern Irish town of Cork, two horse and carriages were caught on camera racing each other seemingly oblivious to all automobile traffic. 

A police car tried their best to stop the race, but without being able to knock the racers off the road for fear of a law suit, could only try to warn oncoming traffic. 

Ireland natives are upset that travelers are seemingly given a free rein to do as they please without legal reprecussions. 


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