Jul 302012

The Alaska SeaLife Center recently rescued a six week old baby walrus. The calf was discovered by a group of fishermen, and it was determined that the walrus was indeed separated from the herd.

The fat, squishy puff ball almost looks like a big stuffed animal dog and definitely shows signs of intelligence. Who wouldn’t want a pet baby walrus?? Thankfully, the kid is in good hands now. 


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Jul 302012

This video was published by  waaay back in 2008, but it has only gone viral now. Since this Spring the video has amassed over 150,000 views. 

While hanging outside, a baby crow calmly approached the hero of the story who just happened to have a camera. The baby crow literally walked up to cameraman, gave a squawk, and literally hopped onto his lap and even his hand. 

A wild crow. And the crow wouldn’t go. What a trip.  


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Jul 272012

The Discovery Channel teamed up with ITM Instruments, the makers of super slow motion camera, The Phantom, to capture amazing nature footage.

For the up coming Air Jaws Apocalypse, premiering on August 12th, the crew of daring cameramen took to the sea and caught some terrifying shark attacks in glorious slow motion

The viral video is featured on Digg, HuffPost, and MostWatched


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Jul 262012

Bear cubs are very curious, and although they are of a different species, curiosity did kill the cat. In this case, curiosity just got three bear cubs stuck in a dumpster. 

Sadly, mamma bear couldn’t get them out, and had to sit idly by while the three cried for mom. Shirley Schenk and her husband Tom who live near by heard the cries, and once it was light enough, drove up and dropped a ladder into the dumpster. 

Cub rescue complete. The video went viral today, and is covered by BuzzFeed, GawkerDailyPicks, and ABCNews


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