Oct 022012

During this year’s Buffalo Bill Downhill on Lookout Mountain in Colorado, one skateboarder was the victim of a deer on human collision. While Mike Paproski‘s helmet camera was rolling during the long-boarding mountain decent, a deer jumped out of nowhere, and crashed into 17-year-old Justin Vitale

Luckily, they both survived with no serious injuries. The video now has over half a million views, is covered on local news channels KDVR, MyFox6, and WAFB.


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Oct 012012

This adorable kitten has been nicknamed the ‘Gumby Kitten‘ by the Internet for the obvious and adorable reason that she keeps her arms in place when moved by her new parents, .

The cute pet video just went viral, and has quickly amassed over 70,000 hits after being showcased on popular blogs, like TheDailyWhat, DailyPicks, and TastefullyOffensive


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Oct 012012

The  family has been getting visits from one very large black bear recently. Well the Mrs. had enough of the bear acting like it owned her backyard. 

So the next time the bear started to ascend the stairs to their back porch, the cameraman called his wife. Ever hear the phrase never get in between a mama bear and her cubs? Well it seems bears have some common knowledge of their own.

Don’t mess with screaming mama human’s back yard


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Sep 302012

Artistic hipster and dog lover  specializes in artsy slow motion videos as her name suggests. And the web loves her for it. 

In her latest video, chubby Iso the Dachshund plays at the park in slow motion. The soft and gentle music is by Joy Valencia. It’s a very a very peaceful and relaxing scene. Almost therapeutic. 

And don’t worry, the plump hot dog is on a diet. 


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