Feb 262012

Anchorwoman Jeanne for  got more than she bargained for while covering a snake segment in the studio. While the snake experts were talking about the boa constrictor, the slithery reptile got a little too friendly with Jeanne. It ended up going down her shirt, and into her sleeve, causing everyone to laugh and lose their composure. 


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Feb 242012

These apartment dwellers were just sitting around one day when they noticed the neighbor’s cat outside climbing up into the window. They live on the sixth floor. Now let that sink in for a moment. Could this be… Spider Cat? 


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Feb 232012

Lions at the zoo rarely get to let their evolutionary instincts go to good use. And when they do let instincts take over, it’s usually in the paper the next day that a lion mauled one of the zookeepers. 

But in this case it’s a bird. The poor fellow landed in the very wrong neighborhood of the lions’ den. In just moments, the lions took the bird down. You can feel their excitement of actually getting to hunt their own food. 


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