Oct 112012

Every New Yorker, and any tourist in the Big Apple who has ridden the subway, knows that New York is home to rats. And not just regular rats you might find at your local pet shop. New York has special fat, even brazen, rats. 

Prankster  knows this, so he took a big fat fake rat in his arms, and walked the streets of Manhattan pranking New Yorkers


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Oct 112012

The image of cartoon polar bears around Christmas time often reminds people of Coca Cola. After nearly a century of effective marketing that is just inches propaganda, it is now hard to find any person around the globe who doesn’t understand, ‘Coca Cola,’ or, ‘Coke.’ 

But sadly, we have gone too far. What was once a rare treat is now enjoyed more than milk or even water!

To spread the message that the sugar has gotten out of control, the Center for Science in the Public Interest and TheRealBears.org published this adorably gloomy cartoon of a family of over weight cola drinking polar bears that has obvious implications. 

The brand new video already has over 225,000 views, and is further featured on Inquisitr, USAToday, MiamiNewTimes, and JamieOliver.


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Oct 102012

Pom pom crabs, better known as boxer crabs, are nothing new, and there are plenty of videos of the adorable creatures that have apparent pom poms attached to their arms on YouTube.

But that didn’t stop this particularly good cheerleader ‘dance routine‘ published over a year ago from going viralviral yesterday after being showcased on Presurfer, Neatorama, and DailyOfDay.  


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Oct 092012

This video was originally published by  in 2010, but it only went viralviral now. Recently, the video has been showcased on LaughingSquid, HuffingtonPost, and MostWatched.

The Eyes of Thailand is an inspirational documentary about one woman who is on a quest to help elephants, especially one who lost their leg. In this touching and powerful scene, Motala the elephant walks for the first time on her homemade prosthesis. 


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