Aug 162012

Extreme Dog‘ gets its name for being… extreme. As a train was cruising through the country side, the dog looking for excitement took the chance for a little dare deviling.

The pup ran full speed ahead of the train with only a few feet to spare in some kind of dog vs train game of chicken. All the while the train conductor desperately pulled the loud train horn while  caught the whole scene on camera. 

All this pup needs now is some canine Mountain Dew. 


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Aug 152012

Puppy ‘parents’  emptied the kiddie pool that is used by their litter of Golden Retrievers to clean it, and morning came before they had a chance to refill it. 

So when the puppies charged around the pool like they always do first thing, they had the very dry surprise of no water.

“Their favorite thing every morning is to run out of the house into their pool.There is nothing like a gang of angry 5 week old golden retriever puppies to get your morning started! You’ll be glad to know the pool was promptly filled and the puppies are happy campers again!” 

The video is featured on Jezebel, StuffIStole, and HaveYouSeenThis.  


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Aug 152012

This video was made in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana, and a copy was uploaded to YouTube in 2009. But only now has it gone viral.

Appropriately, the student-made PSA is about the Interent, and how it’s going to change how we work, study, and have fun. They even touch on all the feline obsessing. 

Much like the AT&T commercials from the same era, the PSA accurately predicted the Internet. Back then we knew what was ahead, just the RAM, CPU’s, and bandwidth weren’t there yet. 

The video is featured on DogAndPonyShow, LaughingSquidDailyWhat, and TheAtlantic


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Aug 142012

This adorable report by the  went viral over the weekend, and now stands with over 225,000 views.

For a lamb to be spotted in rare enough. But this spotted sheep in Australia has made news headlines after being apparently adopted by a mother dalmatian.

The Disney feature film is surely already in the works. 


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