May 102012

 has a very special cat that isn’t a “fraidy-cat” at all. He says, “My cat, Tak, who plays fetch, plays with dogs, follows you around to keep you company, climbs latters and apparently [even] rides horses, lol.” 

Now his horse riding cat is starting to spread around the net, and is featured on TastefullyOffensive and HaveYouSeenThis


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May 092012

Adding lightsabers to already famous viral videos is always a fun Internet pass time. The latest video to get the lightsaber treatment is the Man VS Goose video, where a man fights an attacking wild goose at the park. With added lightsabers, the battle is even more fun!


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May 082012

The Smithsonian’s National Zoological Parks brings us this video that has over 145,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, CBSNews, and MarySue

It’s been discovered that one of the elephants at the National Zoo is musically inclined. When given a harmonica, 36-year-old Asian elephant Shanthi plays some serious music. And she’s not just randomly blowing. There’s actual music being made here. 


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