Nov 252012

The similarities between dogs and cats may just end at fur. Any animal lover will tell you they love their dog and cat, but for very, very different reasons.

They’re kinda like having live in friends. One is overexcited and always happy to see you. The other lives a melancholy life, and seems completely apathetic to your existence.  

Sketch comedy group  imagined just a scenario, and now ‘Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend‘ has over 175,000 views. The video is also featured on HuffPost, TheFW, TastefullyO, and ClipNation.


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Nov 232012

Beggin’ Strips are supposedly the bacon dog food treat dogs just go crazy for. And now, dog owner  can testify.

His cute dog, ironically named Tofu, has a serious love for the newly discovered meat-mash-pressed-into-the-shape-of-bacon treat. The adorable three legged pup literally freaks out in excitement when offered the snack.

The best part is after finally getting hold of the treat, she performs a victory-happy dance on the couch before chowing down. But seriously, Purina needs to contact this dog lover and get this video on air immediately. 

The video has gone viral after Seonadancing posted the video to Reddit


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Nov 222012

 took her new puppy to the vet for a check up, and since everyone knows that’s no fun, swung by PetCo for some new toys as a treat. But they gave Tali all five new toys at once. It was a little overwhelming, causing Tali to go into an over-excited, ADHD fit of pure happiness. The new video has started to trend after being featured on Reddit


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Nov 212012

This adorable video was posted by  all the way back in 2010, but since the summer, it has garnered more than 150,000 views. Recently, it has been featured on TastefullyOffensive and HuffingtonPost, further launching the video into viral-dom. 

All that happens is a cute baby duckling goes for a very short swim in the kitchen sink while mom records bath time for all to enjoy online. And that’s exactly what the web wants. 


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Nov 192012

This adorable animal video by  went viral over the weekend, garnering over 160,000 views so far. While two red panda cubs were playing, one of the keepers walked into the den, surprising one of the cute cubs. After first going viral on Reddit, the video has been subsequently featured on Philly, DailyBeast, Gawker, and NowMSN.


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