Mar 122014
Micro Pig Compilation Is The Cutest Ever

British YouTuber Caroline Chaplin of Pet Piggies is the lucky owner of a micro pig farm. That means instead of puppy or kitten videos, she gets to play with permanently small, cuddly, and adorable piggies!

This super cute compilation of her pets will leave you jealous for a micro pig of your own. 


Via Facebook.

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Mar 122014
Cat Interrupts Yoga Recording

Jahz Yoga was trying to make a homemade yoga video when her cat Milo had enough. 

Milo wanted attention and somehow knew exactly what to do to interrupt the video. Silly Milo. 

The humorous video is a week old but is trending now more than ever, and stands with over a quarter million hits!


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Mar 112014
Adorable Pangolin Plays In The Mud

What the heck is a pangolin? The strange, scaled creature is actually an endangered mammal, a type of anteater. Weird or not, it makes for an adorable exotic creature. 

Pangolin Day was last month (there’s a day for everything), so Earth Touch posted this cute video of a pangolin playing in the mud just like a puppy. 

His caretaker was not pleased. 


Via 22Words.

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Mar 112014
‘Unloved’ Dog Adoption PSA Will Make You Want A Dog Right Now

Life is rough. And people are jerks. But a dog? They will offer you unconditional love.

That’s the message behind this trending British PSA, titled Unloved,  that promotes The Mayhew Animal Home dog adoption agency. 

The touching video has amassed over 750,000 hits over the past week. 


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Mar 102014
Pug Daringly Picks Fight With Police K-9 Dog During SWAT Team Standoff

ABC15 Arizona reports that during a four hour stand off with an armed suspect in Phoenix, Arizona, the SWAT team was attacked by another fierce criminal

A tiny, but tenacious pug wanted nothing more than to fight with the SWAT team’s K-9. 

Brave, but stupid, move little guy. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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