Jun 122015
Disabled Dog Walks Again After Rehab

The California Animal Rehabilitation facility located in Santa Monica published this touching pet video in 2008, but it has only gone viral now with over 750,000 new views! The clip features Sammi the dog who sadly had a degenerative disease that left him disabled. But after lots of hard work at the facility, Sammi is now walking again!


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Jun 112015
Guy Tries To Get Pigeon Out Of His House

A pigeon flew into Axw820‘s house by swooping in through the chimney. But it was trapped by the mesh on the fireplace. So Ax decided to man up and get rid of the pigeon using the fireplace tongs. His plan didn’t really go over so well. 

Now this ridiculous video has gone viral! 


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Jun 102015
Hippos Help Trapped Duckling Get Out Of Pool

Visitors of the Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in the Netherlands saw an adorable scene take place at the hippopotamus exhibit. A mother duck and her ducklings took a dip in the hippo pool, but when mom decided to leave one of the ducklings couldn’t get out! Thankfully, the hippos noticed the trapped duckling and helped the little guy climb out. So cute! It’s no wonder this precious video has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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Jun 082015
Dog And Deer Chase Each Other

Geoff Box went to their backyard to see their dog Brutus chasing and being chased by a deer. They apparently thought the dog was just messing around, but some viewers insist that the deer was not there for fun and was being dangerously aggressive.

Either way, this video has gone viral. What do you think? Playful fun or dangerous deer? 


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Jun 072015
Ferret Babies Follow Mom Over Fence

It’s not just adorable ducklings who follow their mama where ever she may go. In this precious clip by Jeff Zenger, a litter of tiny ferret babies can be seen climbing over a stone fence in an attempt to follow mommy. So cute. This video has gone viral with over 800,000 views!


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