Mar 302016
Gorilla Charges Glass At Zoo

Similar videos such as this one have been posted online before, but it seems it’s still a shocking surprise each time. While visiting the gorilla exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, a camera person captured the intense moment when Kijito the silverback gorilla charged at the glass. This clip has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Mar 262016
Starfish Tries To Steal Cave Fish Just Dug Up

Dogchomp was at the Scripps Aquarium San Diego when they witnessed an exciting scene of nature. A fish was digging a small cavern under a rock to apparently make a new home for itself when a starfish sneaked up and tried to steal the house!

This older clip from 2012 has only gone viral now!


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Mar 252016
Bird lands On Bernie Sanders’ Podium During Speech

Is Bernie Sanders a Disney prince? Perhaps. Because amazingly, it seems he has the same cliche power nearly every Disney princess has to communicate with birds. During a rally in Portland, an adorable little bird landed on Bernie’s podium interrupting his train of thought. The crowd exploded in cheers, and now this clip is going viral!


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Mar 222016
Ducks Take Over Street When Man Who Regulary Feeds Them Is Late

Sreedharan Subramaniam appropriately titled this video The Bird Whisperer. Apparently, this man has been feeding the ducks by the water everyday over the winter. But today he was running a little late. So what happened?

The over enthusiastic ducks took over the street in an attempt to meet him half way. 


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