Mar 232014
Grizzly Eats Recording GoPro Camera

Grizzly bears are naturally curious creatures. So it’s no surprise this family of Alaskan Grizzlies stopped fishing for salmon to prod and poke, and even chew on, a recording GoPro camera. 

Now, the subsequent footage is going viral after debuting on the official GoPro YouTube channel. 


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Mar 222014
Curious Puppies Adorably Investigate Patient Cat

Finn the cat is one patient kitty. 

His owners just took two foster puppies who are curious as can be. The little pups can’t help but investigate, prod, and poke at Finn. Lucky for them, Finn is extremely kind and accommodating. 

This adorable video of the three animals interacting has gone viral over the week with over 400,000 hits!


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Mar 222014
Baby Moose Caught In Wooden Fence

Finding a moose on your property in Cariboo, British Columbia isn’t that uncommon. 

But ShadoHHR and his friends found a baby moose caught on their wooden fence. After a few minutes of shaving off wood, they were able to free the large baby

Oddly enough, after being freed the little guy didn’t seem to be in that big of a hurry to leave. 


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Mar 212014
magic dog

Dogs have a special connection with mankind. They are one of the few animals that understand pointing. 

So how will dogs react to a simple magic trick?

Magician Jose Ahonen performed a simple disappearing treat trick for a bunch of dogs and their reactions are simply hilarious

They can’t say a word, but it’s obvious that their minds are truly blown by the disappearing snack. 

Just look at that face!

“Where’s my treat!?!? It was just here! I know it was!”


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Mar 192014
Excited Dog Jumps On The Furniture Playing The Lava Game

The house of Life in the Dog House is a little crazy now that they have nine dog rescues. 

Stig the pit bull is one of their most rambunctious pups, and loves to jump–or fly–from couch to couch in the living room. 

He makes sure to never touch the floor, just like a kid playing the ‘Lava Game.’ 

The dog dedicated YouTube channel posted the adorable video three weeks ago, but it is trending now more than ever, appearing on 22Words, DailyPicks, and TastefullyOffensive


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