Oct 312014
Oyster Filtering Dirty Water Is Surprising

You probably had no idea that adult oysters can filter 20 to 50 gallons of water per day. Don’t worry, that’s not really common information. To demonstrate their amazing cleaning abilities, Florida Oceanographic made this time lapse of an aquarium of oysters cleaning water. This video is from 2012, but has only gone viral now with over a quarter million hits!


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Oct 302014
Bears Get In A Fight In New Jersey Town

Seeing a bear strolling through your town is shocking enough. Sure, it’s rare, but it happens. They usually make their way into the city looking for food. But J Domzalski didn’t just see one hungry bear searching through trash bins in his New Jersey town. He saw two bears and they were in a pretty serious fight. TheTubeUser86 stabilized the video and now his clip has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Oct 292014
Lioness Wearing GoPro Hunts Down A Buck

Kevin Richardson is a South African famous for his incredible relationships with wild lions. He is literally the lion whisperer. He leveraged his kitty skills to strap a GoPro on the back of a hungry lioness to promote lion conservation. The resulting ‘lion cam’ video is captivating to say the least. Pay close attention, she takes down her prey so fast you just might miss it.  


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Oct 282014
play dead dog

Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson’s dad has an adorable little dog that really hates Daniel. Whenever Dan is around, the cute pup barks at him like crazy. But when Daniel picks him up, the little dog plays dead and freezes. This cute video has over half a million shares on Facebook!  


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Oct 282014
Best Dog Ever Fetches Beer From Fridge

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. But what about man’s second best friend, beer? Josh Ace has brought the two together after training his cattle dog Bennett. All he has to tell Bennett is “I’m parched,” and the good puppy will open the fridge himself, fetch a beer, close the fridge door, and give Josh a nice cold one. Good dog!


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