Jun 112014
Anderson Cooper Tries A Schizophrenia Simulator

Schizophrenia used to be a mental disease that confused and baffled doctors. Before modern medicine, many thought that those suffering from the condition were actually hearing spirits. Today, science has a much stronger understanding of the mental disorder. 

Anderson Cooper of CNN tried a schizophrenia simulator to give viewers an idea of the struggle that those who suffer from schizophrenia go through. It’s intense to say the least. 


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Nov 132013
GoPro Camera And Creator Nick Woodman Featured On 60 Minutes

The GoPro camera has become an Internet staple with official GoPro videos going viral regularly.

Content creators love the simplicity, durability, versatility of the small, water-proof cameras, allowing once impossible adventure videos to become almost ordinary on the web. 

The small camera has made such an impact, Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes featured the tiny tech device, and its billionaire creator Nicholas Woodman, in this special report


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Feb 072013

Anderson Cooper‘s daytime show Anderson may be coming to a close, but this older video from last May has only gone viralviral now after appearing on Reddit.

Cooper held a cheesy ‘Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent’ game on his show, similar to all the other Got Talent shows. Sharon Osbourne even joined as one of the judges.

Speed painter D. Westry had only 90 seconds to create a painting to wow the judges and audience. But with only seconds to spare, it seemed his painting was a flop. No one can make out what he was going for. 

Finally, after the clock ran out, D. simply turned the painting over to reveal an amazing portrait of Anderson that no one could make out up until then. 


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May 252012

The Internet and the majority of America was outraged after video of pastor calling for gays to be locked behind an electric fence to ‘die off’ went viral. 

Now, Anderson Cooper invited one of the regulars from the church to ask her about the pastor’s sermon and views. Sadly, her brain capacity is so severely diminished, she has great trouble understanding Anderson, and can’t answer his questions at all. 


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May 242012

Anderson Cooper’s new show  hasn’t been doing to great in the ratings lately, but that all changed after a clip from Tuesday’s show went viral. 

Cooper had Sarah Burge as a guest, a British woman who proclaims herself the ‘human Barbie,’ and even gave her seven year old daughter vouchers for plastic surgery when she turns 18. 

After a short questioning, Anderson said, “I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about. I gotta just stop… You’re dreadful.”

The new video already has over 385,000 hits, and is covered on HuffingtonPost, Buzzfeed, and ENews




Afterwards, Anderson said, “I regret having her on.”


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