Jan 312014
Which Do College Students Know More About: Justin Bieber Arrest Or State Of The Union

As the media machine made sure, nearly every American has heard about Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest. But do they know anything about President Obama’s State of the Union speech this week?

MRCTV decided to find out, so they traveled to George Mason University and asked the students about both events. 

Guess which they knew more about?

We’re doomed. 


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Jan 292014
50 More Facts About The 50 United States

John Green of Mental Floss has already covered 50 Great Facts About The 50 Great States back in the summer. That video stands with over 1.9 million hits!

But there’s a lot to know about America, so he has returned to cover 50 more facts about the United States


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Nov 282013
Turkey Sandwiches For The Homeless

In honor of Thanksgiving, online famous prankster Vitaly put the pranks to the side and instead chose to help the needy. 

He traveled to Skid Row, America’s homeless capital, and gave out 1,000 Subway turkey sandwiches


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Nov 262013
Imperial Measurements Explained

We’re so used to the Imperial measurement system in America, that we often overlook how ridiculous it is. 

Nearly the entire world uses the much simpler and more intuitive metric system based on ten. Ten millimeters make one centimeter, ten centimeters make a decimeter, and so on. 

But the Imperial system is an utter mess. 

Thankfully, Matt Parker of Head Squeeze breaks down and explains the entire crazy system based on a grain of barely from top to bottom. 


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