Apr 072014
British People Taste Test American Snacks

After having their American staff taste-test Australian and Japanese snacks, popular list channel BuzzFeed decided to change things up in this latest snack video. 

Instead, they sent their British office a bunch of yummy American snacks to see what the Redcoats thought of common Yankee candies, such as Warheads, Gushers, and more. 


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Apr 052014
Animation On Mass Incarceration In The US Will Depress You

America has a serious problem.

Even though America has only 4% of the world’s population, we hold 25% of the world’s incarcerated prisoners. Statistically far more than so called less free countries, like North Korea, Russia, and China. 

Worse yet, the numbers have only accelerated over the past few decades. 

Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers discusses this serious problem of mass incarceration in the US in this enlightening and depressing educational animation


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Apr 042014
Massive Herd Of Elk Crossing Over Fence In Montana Has A Surprise Ending

Austin Stonnell is from the country, but has never seen such a large herd of elk before. In Bozeman, Montana, just outside of Yellowstone, he stumbled upon a giant herd crossing a fence and a road.

The herd seemed to never end. 

But when it finally did, a straggler was discovered. In a scene fit for a Disney cartoon, the little guy struggled to get over the fence. After trying over and over, the small dude finally succeeded. 

Phew. Happy ending. 


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Apr 012014
Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks

BuzzFeed has gone viral in the past with their entertaining video demonstrating Americans taste testing Australian snacks. That video has over 1.3 million hits.

Now, they are continuing the taste testing fun by having their American staff taste much more unusual Japanese snacks. Weird. 


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Mar 262014
44 Facts About the U.S. Presidents

Did you know that experts believe that George Washington was our richest president. His net worth in today’s dollars is estimated around half a billion dollars!

John Green of Mental Floss covers this and 43 other interesting facts about US presidents in this new video


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