Mar 172015
Seniors Play Drinking Games With College Seniors

College seniors think they can take anyone in a drinking game. But real senior citizens know they can. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Complex gathered a group of college seniors and senior citizens to battle over some drinking games.

Who do you think will win? 


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Feb 282015
Meals That Could Cure Your Hangover

The weekend is a great time to go out and party late into the night with your friends. The only downside is the next morning. Ugh! The hangover is terrible! While there is no actual cure for a hangover, you can eat certain foods that may help relieve your symptoms. 

BuzzFeed shows us 7 meals to try when you wake up the next morning and hate yourself for drinking too much.  


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Feb 132015
Couples Play Truth Or Drink

Truth or Dare is a kid’s game. So what do grownups play? How about Truth or Drink. The premise is simple: each person asks their significant other an intimate question. Their partner can choose to answer honestly or take a shot of booze as payment for keeping quiet.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Cut Video brought a bunch of couples together to play the tipsy game and have some fun. 


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Feb 052015
Robot Pours The Perfect Beer

This video by German channel RalphScarcross was published way back when YouTube was nearly brand new in 2006, but it is trending again now. The clip features a robotic arm which pours the perfect beer. So now that it’s at least nine years old why aren’t they selling these things at Walmart and Best Buy? I want one! 


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Jan 132015
Buzzfeed Gives Celebrities Breathalyzer Tests At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes Awards is an exciting time for fans of Hollywood, and even more thrilling for the celebrities who get to actually attend the ceremonies. Naturally, expensive champagne and drinks are aplenty. That gave BuzzFeed an idea. Why not give celebrities at the red carpet a breathalyzer test to see who pregamed before the award show?


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