Jul 072014
Boeing 767 Aborts Landing Because Airbus Crossing Runway

A busy airport is much like a busy city intersection. There are many vehicles going up and downtown as well as crossing the street. Disaster was averted at the Barcelona Airport over the weekend when a UTair Boeing 767 coming from Moscow aborted its landing because an Argentinas Airbus was crossing the runway at the same moment. Thankfully, there was no accident, and everyone is OK. This video has instantly gone viral with over 5 million hits!


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Jul 062014
‘Leaked’ Star Wars Airport

The nerd world is eager with anticipation waiting for the new Star Wars sequels created by Disney. Frank Wunderlich claims to have stumbled upon a set from the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII. Of course, this is simply a fan made video of what an Imperial starport would look like based on the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Fans are loving the realistic CGI and creativity. Awesome. 


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Jun 112014
Traveler Makes Hilarious ‘All By Myself’ Music Video While Stuck Overnight At Airport

It’s always a shock when it happens. You missed the last flight of the evening, or maybe it was cancelled due to weather. Either way, it slowly dawns on you that you’re going to be spending the next 14 hours overnight at the airport, most likely tucked away in a dark corner.

 was one such traveler. But he didn’t let the experience go to waste. Instead, he recording this hilarious All By Myself music video. Now, it has instantly gone viral!


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May 022014
Veteran Reuniting With His War Dog Will Melt Your Heart

The Chicago Tribune is the publisher of this touching video of a veteran reuniting with his bomb-sniffing dog. Sgt. Jason Bos reunited with his military service dog Cila, or Cece as he calls her, at the pet cargo facility at O’Hare International Airport. Onlookers and media personnel couldn’t help but break out into applause at the emotional reunion


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Apr 282014
Tiny Yorkie Dog Pulls Carry-On Suit Through Airport

This adorable video by Big Dog Little Body was posted on YouTube in 2011, but it has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views just today. The cute clip features a super tiny Yorkie pulling a carry-on suitcase through an airport. Apparently, the little dog only weighs 3 pounds while the suitcase weighs 30 pounds. 

What is this? A clip from the new ‘Yorkie Goes On Vacation’ Disney film? Because we’d totally go to see that!


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