Apr 102016
Pranking Friend As Fake Uber Driver

Everyone hates travelling through the airport. Even leaving the airport is a huge pain. The line for the cabs is crazy. Thankfully, nowadays we have Uber. Passersremorse decided to have some fun with his friend and to pick him up as a fake Uber driver. This fun video has gone viral over the weekend with over 300,000 hits!


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Oct 052015
Why The TSA Doesn’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

For decades, it seemed like flying couldn’t get any worse. The cramped conditions, the terrible service, the price, flying was just awful. But then 9/11 happened, and Congress gave us the TSA. There are literally countless news reports and videos of TSA agents acting inappropriately, stealing, and even harassing cancer patients. But at least they keep us safe, right? Well according to Adam of College Humor, they don’t even do that!


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Sep 092015
Old Man Greeting His Wife At The Airport Will Melt Your Heart

The Internet usually has a cold heart of ice, but this touching candid video taken at the airport has viewers becoming emotional. While waiting at the airport, an anonymous person secretly recorded an old man waiting with a bouquet of flowers. Finally, his wife showed up and the two had an emotional reunion. Aww. This clip has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Aug 172015
What Happens When Your Checked Luggage At The Airport

In our modern world, we simply check our bags when we arrive at the airport and run to our gate to catch our plane. We don’t think about our bags until we are all anxiously waiting for our luggage to finally appear on the carousel. So what actually happens to our bags when we fly? Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport attached a 360 degree camera to a checked bag to show viewers what really goes on. This thrilling video is like a roller coaster! 


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Aug 152015
Westjet Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Safety Demo

After waiting seemingly forever to finally board the airplane, anxious passengers nearly always groan when the flight attendants begin their flight safety demonstration. We all know how to buckle our seat belts, can we just go please? To help make the situation a little more fun, this one Westjet flight attendant performs a hilarious spiel during the demonstration. One passenger took a video of his antics which has instantly gone viral!


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