Dec 152013
Cellphone Crashing At The Airport

Is there anything more annoying than someone interrupting your conversation on the phone by talking right next to you?

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films decided to just that at the airport. He sat or stood right next to chatting individuals and pretended to be on the phone himself. Instead, he simply answered the person who was next to him who quickly became confused.

He rightfully calls the prank Cellphone Crashing.


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Aug 172013

In less than a week, Russian YouTuber Светлана Кадыргалиева has garnered over 375,000 views with this adorable short clip. The video taken in an airport features one father pulling a suitcase with his daughter apparently sleeping on the luggage like a rag doll. Onlookers and online viewers can’t help but smile. 


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Jul 192013

HeinekenUSA has instantly gone viral with their new Departure Roulette commercial. The video features a very special roulette game Heineken set up at JFK airport.

Travelers were enticed with a proposition. Drop all your previous plans and commit to an adventurous flight to an unknown destination that is leaving right now.

In one day, the new video has quickly garnered over half a million views and is featured on HubSpot, PRNews, and Fodors


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Jun 262013

Yosemiteland actually published this short sketch comedy video over a year ago, but it has just resurfaced on the viral video scene now. While seemingly flying on a place, a man sitting at a window seat realizes every traveler’s worst nightmare: He forgot his bag at the airport!

Luckily, things aren’t always what they seem. 


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Jan 072013

Deadmau5, the ultra popular dubstep artist, has to travel across the world to please his fans. As a result, he flies a lot. On his latest travelling venture, he decided to shake things up, and instead of walking through the human x-ray, took a ride in the baggage one


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