Apr 192016
Man Takes His Baby Brother Who Has William Syndrome For His First Flight

Michael Mcmahon‘s younger brother suffers from William Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that causes developmental delays and cardiovascular problems. For as long as he could express himself, little Robbie has always wanted to fly. Finally, Michael was able to make that wish come true himself. 


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Feb 242016
Jetblue Offers Free Flight Anywhere To Passengers On One Plane On Condition

Jetblue wanted to help bring the country together in a small way. So they offered everyone on one of their flights the chance to fly anywhere in the world on Jetblue. But on one condition. Everyone had to agree on the destination. 


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Feb 182016
De-Icing Airplane Wings At Airport

We’ve all been on a flight that we waited seemingly ages for because of weather delays, only to sit on the runway because the wings iced over. To fix that issue, airports have de-icing machines. 

What does that entail exactly? GreenJoeB had the chance to see what it’s like to run the de-icer at the Philadelphia International Airport.


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