Jan 212015
Crosswinds Throw Turboprop Planes Around During Landing

British aviation enthusiast Flugsnug captured some chilling footage of turboprop propeller planes attempting to land at Birmingham Airport. Dash-8 and ATR twin-engine airplanes were trying their best to land, but powerful gusts and crosswinds made that nearly impossible. Don’t mess with Mother Nature. This video already has over 400,000 hits!


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Jan 152015
Patrick Stewart Acts Out The Most Annoying People On A Plane

Travelling on a long flight can be very convenient, but there is a price to pay for moving around the planet so quickly. Besides paying a fortune for the ticket, you must go through long, slow security and check-in lines, and squeeze into a small seat. But above all, the worst part of flying can be the other passengers. 

Travel company Expedia conducted a poll asking travelers who they thought were the most annoying type of passengers to fly with. Jimmy Kimmel has Sir Patrick Stewart act them out in this instant viral video


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Dec 312014
Pilot Successfully Lands Boeing 747 With No Right Landing Gear

The pilot had just taken off from London towards Las Vegas when he became aware of a landing gear malfunction on the Boeing 747 jumbo jet he was flying. He turned around and incredibly landed the giant plane with no right wing landing gear at London’s Gatwick Airport. 

Aviation enthusiast London Aircraft captured the scene which has gone viral with over one million views!


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Dec 222014
Five Gigantic A350 Airliners Fly Together

French airline company Airbus is famous for being the makers of the largest jet airliner in the world, the Airbus A350. In honor of their latest iteration of the jet, they set up a stunt of epic proportions, flying five A350 prototypes together in the sky in perfect formation.  


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Dec 192014
How A Commercial Airplane Is Made

Most of us take it for granted that we can simply buy an airplane ticket online and travel around the world in just a few hours. Today’s commercial airliners are bigger, more comfortable, and more advanced than ever before. But what goes into building such a complex machine? Minute Physics was lucky enough to go behind the scenes to see how the largest commercial airplane in the world, the Airbus A350, is built from start to finish. 


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