Apr 112014
Jumbo Jets Landing And Taking Off In Powerful Crosswinds Is Terrifying

These days, most people take flying for granted. But there’s nothing like being thrown around like a tin can by powerful winds to remind you that the plane you are riding in is at the mercy of the weather. 

Aviation obsessed Flugsnug made this chilling compilation of airplanes being tossed around due to powerful winds during take-off and landing procedures at Britain’s Birmingham Airport from the past winter.

The month old video is still trending, and stands with over 2.6 million anxious views!


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Apr 012014
Lion King Cast Sing Circle Of Life On Flight Home

After a successful season launch, cast members of Disney On Broadway‘s The Lion King decided to sing the classic hit song Circle Of Life while waiting for their flight to take off for Sydney. Other riders got a free taste of how amazing Disney’s Broadway singers really are. Beautiful. 


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Mar 122014
Air Travel Over Europe Visualization Will Blow Your Mind

Air traffic solutions company  has gone viral with this impressive data visualization of air travel over Europe. Using real flight data, the video demonstrates just how busy the skies can become on a typical summer day, especially over London Heathrow International Airport and Gatwick Airport.


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Mar 032014
Traveling Is Much More Difficult When You’re A Huge Body Builder

Everyone hates traveling. The bags, the waiting, the boarding. And getting through security? Forget about it.

But when you’re a near seven foot tall, 400 pound World’s Strongest Man, travel becomes nearly impossible. 

Strongman Brian Shaw demonstrates just how much worse traveling can be when you’re a human giant in this trending video

What is this? An airplane for ants?


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Feb 172014
Boeing 767 Landing Gear Takes A Beating During Landing In Strong Winds

Talk about a rough landing.

This 120 ton Boeing 767 jetliner landed in serious crosswinds and experienced a few bumps on the way. The flexing wings are a testament of just how blustery it was outside explains aviation channel Flugsnug

The captain did his best, but couldn’t help bouncing on the landing gear. Thankfully, the engineers who designed the landing gear made them strong enough to take the beating.


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