Oct 052015
Why The TSA Doesn’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

For decades, it seemed like flying couldn’t get any worse. The cramped conditions, the terrible service, the price, flying was just awful. But then 9/11 happened, and Congress gave us the TSA. There are literally countless news reports and videos of TSA agents acting inappropriately, stealing, and even harassing cancer patients. But at least they keep us safe, right? Well according to Adam of College Humor, they don’t even do that!


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Sep 232015
Dashcamera Captures Moment Small Airplane Lands On Busy California Avenue

Now that cameras are so prevalent everywhere these days, more and more unique and otherwise ridiculous random scenes are being captured on film. That’s exactly what happened to one driver in Orange county California. While waiting at a red light, their dash camera recorded a small two seater plane landing on Red Hill Avenue in Irvine! The plane experienced a malfunction and the pilot was forced to perform an emergency landing. Thankfully, no one was injured. Great landing job by the pilot! 


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Aug 252015
Airliner Being Struck By Lightning Strike

There’s nothing like a little bit of rain and stormy weather to make one afraid of flying. And the chance of being hit by lightning? It’s like straight out of a horror movie. Even if many others say there’s nothing to fear, it can still be a frightening experience. While passing by a line of jets waiting for the bad weather to pass, Jack Perkins captured the moment when a 737 Delta jetliner was struck by lightning! This video has gone viral with over 5 million views!


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Aug 152015
Westjet Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Safety Demo

After waiting seemingly forever to finally board the airplane, anxious passengers nearly always groan when the flight attendants begin their flight safety demonstration. We all know how to buckle our seat belts, can we just go please? To help make the situation a little more fun, this one Westjet flight attendant performs a hilarious spiel during the demonstration. One passenger took a video of his antics which has instantly gone viral!


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Jul 272015
Jumbo Jet Being Tossed Around In The Wind During Landing Is Terrifying

Travel and airplane enthusiast 17splinter captured a scary moment at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During a severe wind storm, a brave pilot of a jumbo KLM B777 jet decided to go ahead with the landing. The plane was literally tossed around like a paper airplane. Thankfully, the pilot successfully landed. Phew! This video has gone viral with over 4 million hits!


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