Nov 242014
Rare Pygmy Marmoset Tiny Monkey Getting Massage Is The Cutest

The Pygmy Marmoset is a rare tiny monkey found in rain forests in South America. Sadly, little Ninita was born deaf and was abandoned by her parents. Thankfully, the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation found her and saved her. In this precious viral video, Ninita receives a relaxing massage. Since she is so tiny, the caretaker has to use a toothbrush to brush her back. 

This adorable clip has gone viral with over half a million new view over the past week. Too cute!!


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Nov 202014
Second Graders React To Realistic Lammily Doll

Back in March, Nickolay Lamm introduced his ambitious idea for a doll that was based on reality instead of fantasy. He and his team created Lammily, a doll based on the real proportions of a normal, human girl. Now that Lammily is finally here, he brought the new doll to St. Edmund’s Academy and showed her to group of second graders to see what kids think. They love her!


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Nov 182014
Dad Can’t Help But Laugh After Catching Sons Covered In Paint

This father was livid when he caught his two young sons covered in paint. Their faces were literally covered in paint, and they also left a mess of paint all over the house. But while dad tried to chastise the cute kids in the bathroom, he couldn’t help but crack up laughing at how adorable his kids were. And the Internet agrees as this video has instantly gone viral!


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Nov 172014
horse splash

Anna Paterek was riding her horse Magic through the woods when they approached a calm river. Magic was simply terrified of the water, and refused to step foot into the stream. So Anna dismounted and took him to the edge of the water. Then, she softly splashed in the water with her foot to show Magic that there was nothing to be afraid of. That was all Magic needed to see. He stepped into the water and started splashing around like a baby in a bath tub. Adorable. 


Adorable. Now this clip has exploded on Facebook with over 6 million views and 220,000 shares!   

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Nov 162014
Adorable Aussie American Couple Translates Australian Words In American English

Just because Australians and Americans both speak English doesn’t mean they speak the same language. Sure, the basics are pretty similar, but there are more differences than most people realize. Australian pastor Mark Brown and his lovely American wife take turns translating Australian words into American English, and vice-versa, in this adorable video


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