Oct 292013
Baby Reacts In Emotional Tears To Mom Singing ‘My Heart Can’t Tell You No’

Alain Leroux‘s adorable ten month old baby has gone viral!

Most babies at that age simply laugh in happiness or cry in sadness, but this special baby reacted in truly emotional tears to her mom’s beautiful and powerful cover of Sara Evans‘ hit single My Heart Can’t Tell You No.

Even though she was smiling, the little one couldn’t help but tear up as well as if she genuinely understood the lyrics.

“Aww, you feel the pain of the song honey?” asked mom.


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Jun 302013

Registered nurse Adam BC posted this video of his baby girl swimming last year, but it has only gone viral now over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits.

Adam and his lifeguard wife are true hydro-fanatics, and wanted their baby daughter to become accustomed to the water as soon as she was physically able to swim, so they set her up with an instructor from ISRWaterKids at a very young age. 

In this adorably tense video, Elizabeth swims across the family pool all by herself. With proper professional supervision of course. She swims using a head underwater technique as that is the best form for a baby. 

Adam explains that he and his wife are beyond certified to care for a swimming baby, and warns, “Please! Do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming.”


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May 212013

Tech specialist Chris Angelini had the opportunity to test the new Google Glass device that the geek world is all abuzz about. While working, his cute two year old toddler wanted to know what the Glass was, so dad indulged. 

The kid doesn’t actually use any of the functions, but viewers get to enjoy the adorable point-of-view video perspective the Glass camera took.

Now, the week old video, where dad and son get a cup of juice and play ball, has gone viral, appearing on Gizmodo, Ubergizmo, Digg, and YouTubeTrends


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May 122013

Adorably suspenseful videos of a mother duck separated from her young ducklings by an obstruction is nothing new online.

Over the weekend, Jenny Pan happened upon a mother duck on campus with her ducklings stuck on a tiny ledge.

Well, tiny to us humans, but a terrifying cliff to the ducklings. After two dramatic minutes, the ducklings daringly jump down to mom, one by one.

In just a few days, the video has already garnered over 150,000 views.


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Apr 172013

Like any good father, Ryan Hunley was properly putting his two girl in their appropriate car seats before going for a drive when he was confronted with some adorable toddler stubbornness.

His youngest daughter August wasn’t interested in receiving any help with her seat belt buckle. 

“Want me to help you?” dad calmly asked. 

“No. No, thank you,” she maturely answered. “Worry about yourself. Worry about yourself,” she kept insisting. 

Dad couldn’t help but laugh


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