May 192014
Little ‘Darth Lily’ Hugging Lego R2-D2 Is Adorable

The most powerful and menacing Sith was an attendee at this year’s Emerald City Comicon. She is even more mighty than Darth Vader himself. Her name? Darth Lily. The adorable little girl made the baddest Sith Lord at the convention, and even terrified little Lego R2-D2, also known as L3-G0. But don’t worry. Just like Lord Vader, she has a good in her. After seeing how frightened R2 was, she decided to remove her evil mask and hug the droid to make the cutest scene in Star Wars history


Via TastefullyOffensive and SayOMG

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May 082014
Ducklings Try Their Best To Ascend Stairs

There are countless adorable videos of ducklings struggling to descend stairs while faithfully following mom. But this precious video by Jason David flips that concept on its head. Instead of trying to go down the steps, this flock of adorable ducklings labor to ascend two large steps. While they make it? Ohhh, so cute! Viewers just want to help them get up, but know that it’s better to let the little guys do it themselves to grow stronger. 

The cute! It’s too much!!


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Apr 292014
Rare Zebra-Donkey ‘Zonkey’ Baby Born In Mexico

Have you ever heard of a ‘Zonkey?’ It’s exactly what it sounds like. A hybrid between a zebra and a donkey. It is an extremely rare animal, but Euro News reports that a baby Zonkey was just born naturally in Mexico at a zoo in the northern state of Tamaulipas. Time for Disney writers to hit the keyboards, because we smell a cartoon in the making. 


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Apr 292014
Kitten ‘Whac-A-Mole’ Is The Cutest

What’s cuter than a box of kittens? How about a kitten Whac-A-Mole? That’s exactly what The Really Cute Cats made for this instant viral video!

Soo cute! And don’t worry, you can see the ‘whacker’ is only softly pressing down on the kittens’ heads with a soft, fluffy ‘whacking’ stick. 


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Mar 062014
Adorable Little Girl Explains Why She Donates Her Hair

FlyPress Films reports that Emily James is a little princess with a heart of gold. She’s learned that though she has long, flowing locks, some kids get sick and lose their hair. 

She also learned that she can help those kids by donating her hair. 

Without hesitation she reasoned, “just cut some off and give it to a kid.”

Wise words for a three year old. 

She took her favorite Rapunzel dolly to ‘Uncle Mathew’ who just happens to be a L’Oreal ID artist, celebrity hairstylist, and co-owner at Brennen Demelo Studios.

There she and her dolly got a haircut together to give to needy children. 

Adorable and inspiring!

The two week old video has only gone viral now, amassing over 175,000 hits just today!


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