Oct 202014
Pittsburgh Detective Adopts Two Kids Abused By Foster Parents

Pittsburgh police detective Jack Mook is no softy. When he isn’t cracking cases and catching bad guys, he volunteers at the boxing gym, helping troubled kids. He grew attached to two brothers, but after a while they stopped showing up. That’s when he put his detective skills to work to find out what happened to them. CBS Sunday Morning reports that when he discovered they were being abused at their foster home, he took matters into his own hands.  


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Mar 222014
News Anchor Reunites With Foster Child Who She Helped Find A Family

Since 1989, WFAA News 8’s Gloria Campos has been helping foster children find permanent, loving parents. 

Seven years ago, she featured Ke’onte on her Wednesday’s Child series. Sadly, no adoption took place.

But that didn’t stop Gloria. Two years later she covered Ke’onte again. 

This time, his parents to be were watching


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Apr 122013

Osartist published this heartwarming video over three years ago, but it has only gone viral now after being posted on Reddit. Years ago, this very large and very special family adopted a girl from out of state. 

Unfortunately, her foster sister whom she had grown very close to was ineligible for adoption. After waiting years, the foster sister had finally become an adult, outgrowing the foster system, so the family thought ‘better late than never’ and brought her into their ever growing family.


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Jan 162013

The Dennehy’s are truly a one of a kind family. The two parents adopted nine children of all ages from around the world. And not just regular orphans. Children with severe disabilities and other serious deformities that left them ignored by nearly all. 

George Dennehy shows the world his special United Nations-esque family in this I Like Adoption video as part of the ILikeGiving campiaign. MostWatchedToday featured the three week old video which has over 100,000 views


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