Jan 122014
The 8-Bit Harmonica Will Take You Back To The 80′s

Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has viewers swimming in nostalgia after debuting his new invention: the 8-bit harmonica

Similar to a traditional harmonica, the musician blows into different holes on the instrument to play ascending notes.

But instead of making a sound from the wind, the new computer device plays 8-bit sound, similar to a classic Nintendo

With other players, classic music from Super Mario Bros. can be played. 


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Dec 272013
Kung Fury Movie Trailer

This new trailer for the film Kung Fury by Laser Unicorns has gone viral. The movie is an over the top, cheesy action-cop-drama that parodies all of the best of 1980′s pop culture. 

The director has run out of funds and has opened a KickStarter for support. 

The movie is featured on TheVerge, Independent, and SlashFilm


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Sep 262013
Brothers Star In 80′s Style Best Man Music Video ‘We Are Brothers’

These days, a simple best man’s speech no longer cuts it. With so many original and crazy best man antics available online, one must truly go all out to attract attention. 

And that’s exactly what two brothers did for their bro Robin who was getting married to Helen.

Using the YouTube name Filmhat, the two best men produced and starred in this outrageous, 80′s style music video, appropriately titled We Are Brothers

Now this is a best man gift Robin will never forget. 

The week old video is quickly going after being covered on VideoSift, MetaFilter, Reddit, and TheHighDef


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Sep 202013
Volkswagen ‘Take On Me’ Inspired Commercial

Volkswagen has gone viral with their new commercial inspired by the A-ha’s hit single Take On Me from the 1980′s. Nostalgic viewers are loving the rough pencil-style animation, helping the ad already amass over 300,000 views over the past work week. 

The commercial is further reviewed on NYDailyNews, Mashable, and LaughingSquid.


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