Jan 282014
Delta’s 80′s In-Flight Safety Video

Air New Zealand and Virgin America have gone viral in the past with entertaining themed flight safety videos. 

Delta has learned from their viral success, and has just debuted a themed video of their own, going back in time to the retro days of the 80′s.

Countless pop culture references appear, including outrageous 1980′s hairdos, clothes, music, and more. Alf even makes a Cameo. 


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Jan 172014
Homemade Dog Fight Scene From Top Gun Is Awesome

Top Gun was one of the hottest movies in the 1980′s.

Movie obsessed CineFix has now brought the iconic final dog fighting scene from the film back to life with a homemade feel. The dramatic music, sound effects, and props are so low budget, it actually adds to the experience.


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Jan 122014
The 8-Bit Harmonica Will Take You Back To The 80′s

Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has viewers swimming in nostalgia after debuting his new invention: the 8-bit harmonica

Similar to a traditional harmonica, the musician blows into different holes on the instrument to play ascending notes.

But instead of making a sound from the wind, the new computer device plays 8-bit sound, similar to a classic Nintendo

With other players, classic music from Super Mario Bros. can be played. 


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Dec 272013
Kung Fury Movie Trailer

This new trailer for the film Kung Fury by Laser Unicorns has gone viral. The movie is an over the top, cheesy action-cop-drama that parodies all of the best of 1980′s pop culture. 

The director has run out of funds and has opened a KickStarter for support. 

The movie is featured on TheVerge, Independent, and SlashFilm


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