Mar 222014
Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Dance On The Tonight Show Is Just EPIC

Jimmy Fallon was sorry to announce it, but The Tonight Show has officially banned dancing. 

After hearing the sad news, celebrity guest Kevin Bacon put his foot down and broke the rules by performing an epic Footloose inspired dance in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the 80′s film.

Thanks to Kevin’s bravery, Jimmy was happy to declare that dancing was again legal on The Tonight Show.


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Mar 112014
Kevin Bacon Explains The ’80s To Millennials

Millennials have no idea how good they have it. To spread 1980′s awareness, Mashable teamed up with Kevin Bacon to explain to the new generation just how bad the 80′s were

“You want to know my favorite app? Rubik’s Cube.”


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Feb 282014
Jimmy Fallon And LeBron James Play Wastepaper Basketball

Jimmy Fallon traveled back to the 80′s with his guest NBA legend LeBron James to star in this new hip-hop music video. The two play and rap about the fun office game we’ve all played and love: Wastepaper Basketball


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Feb 262014
Vintage 1930′s Jazz Cover Of ‘Careless Whisper’

Who doesn’t love the 1980′s hit Careless Whisper by George Michael? But the single could really use a little more life and sass. 

Thankfully, the time traveling cover group Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox has covered the 80′s hit with an upbeat 1930′s jazzy feel. For the cherry on top, they had Grammy nominated saxophonist Dave Koz play the horn like only he can. 


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Feb 062014
If Instagram Was Invented In The 1980′s

SquirrelMonkey, the popular nerd channel that takes all of our favorite websites back in time, has returned with another retro episode. 

This time, they offer us a peek at what Instagram would have looked like if it was introduced in the 1980′s


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