Feb 022015
Pixelated Simpsons Intro Is Every Gamer’s Dream

The Simpsons are a staple today, but back in the early 90′s they were still extremely fresh. Countless video games were made in the Simpsons universe. If only they had an animation and style like this retro, pixelated Simpsons intro made by pixel art masters Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. The 8-bit style is simply gorgeous. Can they please make a game using these graphics?


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Sep 232014
This Is What The Matrix Would Look Like On The Original Nintendo

The Matrix became an instant cult classic after debuting at the end of the 90′s. If only it came out a few years earlier there would no doubt be countless video game adaptations of the action film. Thankfully, CineFix imagined in this clip what The Matrix would look like on a classic video game system like the Nintendo or Sega. 


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Sep 192014
Jason Paul Freerunning In 8 Bit

Freerunner Jason Paul travels back to the 80′s in this latest video published by Red Bull. Jason and Team Farang perform an epic parkour style scene with special scenery that looks and feels like a classic 2-D video game. 8-bit style sound effects complete the experience. Using all of his freerunning powers, Jason must out perform the evil ninjas in a Mayan temple. 


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Jun 122014
This Is What Mean Girls Would Look Like As A Classic Video Game

Back in the 90′s, the most unexpected movies were made into video games. If only the cult classic Mean Girls came out then it would definitely have been made into a game. Thankfully, CineFix has imagined for us what it would look like if a video game adaptation of the Lindsay Lohan movie came out on the Nintendo. Want to play!


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May 132014
Super Mario Game Of Thrones Intro

What if the Game of Thrones story took place in the Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario World instead of the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos? The popular introduction might look and sound like this nerdy adaptation by gamer Nicksplosion.


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