May 012014
Biker On 3D Course Looks Like He’s In A Video Game

Fixed gear freestyle biker Josh Boothby mixed art and biking in his latest project. It looks like Josh is stuck in an 80′s video game, but he is really riding in real life on a special course covered with illusions to appear 3D on camera. The resulting video, published by Red Bull, is simply mesmerizing.


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Apr 282014
Snake Game 3D Chalk Art Stop Motion Will Blow Your Mind

Remember the Snake video game everyone used to have on their cellphones? Artist Chris of AWE me has brought the classic game back to life in a glorious 3D stop motion animation using nothing but chalk. How he accomplished the 3D effect is a mystery…


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Mar 182014
Charlie Brown Peanuts Movie Trailer

The next generation Charlie Brown movie is here!

Fox Family Entertainment has just unveiled this new trailer for a CGI, 3D Peanuts movie that is quickly spreading across the Web.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang will hit the silver screen in the Fall of 2015. 


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Nov 112013
Crazy Morphing Magic Table

This new invention by Professor Hiroshi Ishii at the MIT Media Lab has gone viral. 

The ‘Crazy Morphing Magic Table‘ looks like something out of science fiction, but is in fact very real. 

As the user places any 3D object–such as their hands or a ball–in the tracking area, the morphing table successfully emulates the object in real time. 

The video has amassed over 850,000 views over the past week, and has even been featured by YouTube


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