Apr 302015
Lightening Fast Mini Quadcopter Drone Zips Around The Sky

Just a few years ago, they were called quadcopters or quadrotors. Today, they are better known as drone. Whatever you want to call them, the computer-stabilized remote controlled four blade helicopters are becoming more and more common.

Quadcopter enthuisiast Quad Movr shows off his impressive piloting skills with one of the fastest drones anyone has seen online. This little bugger zips around the skies as if it had just finished a giant cup of coffee. This video has gone viral with over 900,000 hits!


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Apr 292015
Pouring Molten Aluminum In A Watermelon Has Surprising Results

For some reason, The Backyard Scientist decided to perform a very unique and creative experiment. After melting aluminum in a homemade foundry, he poured the liquefied metal into a watermelon. He didn’t know what would happen, but he never expected this

The aluminum found tiny channels in the melon and created a gorgeous and intricate cast similar to when scientists have poured melted metal into an ant hill


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Apr 292015
Giant Hail Shatters Windshield  Of Storm Chasers

The storm chasers of Live Storms Media have seen some serious weather. But the hail storm in Stephenville, Texas on 4/26 was unlike any storm they had experienced. In this dramatic viral video, giant grapefruit or softball sized chunks of ice pelted the storm chasers’ car and literally shattered the windshield. 

“This is the biggest hail I’ve ever seen! I’m covered in glass!” Sorry, but Twitter can’t save you. 


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Apr 292015
Adorable Five Year Old Says She’s Moving Out

Fourth St. James has an adorable five year old with a feisty attitude. After being pushed too far by her older brother, Saige has finally had enough. She announced that she’s moving out to their Jenn’s house, their family friend. 

“I’m moving on! I’ve been in this house way too long! I need to move on!” 


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Apr 292015
Angry Mom Hits Her Son For Participating In Baltimore Riots

Out of all the negative news that has come out of Baltimore over the past few days, viewers have found a hero. ABC 2 News captured video of what appears to be a mother hitting her son who was rioting and throwing rocks at police while wearing a ski mask. Apparently, she recognized her son while watching the protests and riots on the news and came down there to set him straight. 

This clip has exploded on social media with million of views and countless people cheering the mom on.


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