Apr 042014
Massive Herd Of Elk Crossing Over Fence In Montana Has A Surprise Ending

Austin Stonnell is from the country, but has never seen such a large herd of elk before. In Bozeman, Montana, just outside of Yellowstone, he stumbled upon a giant herd crossing a fence and a road.

The herd seemed to never end. 

But when it finally did, a straggler was discovered. In a scene fit for a Disney cartoon, the little guy struggled to get over the fence. After trying over and over, the small dude finally succeeded. 

Phew. Happy ending. 


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Apr 042014
Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Sticky Balls’ With Daniel Radcliffe

As all his fans know, Jimmy Fallon loves playing games. The newest game he has introduced is called Sticky Balls.

The game is simple. He and his celebrity guest Daniel Radcliffe don Velcro-suits. The two must throw as many sticky balls at each other as possible for 45 seconds.

Whoever is covered with the most balls when the game ends loses!

Let’s get ready to rumble!


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Apr 042014
Quadcopter Flight Over English Coast Captures Stunning Footage

Using a quadcopter he built himself and a GoPro camera, videographer Mon0bLE captured what he calls “The best thing I’ve ever filmed.”

And it’s hard to argue with him. 

Standing by his hotel window, he controlled his flying camera as it flew over the North Cornwall coast of England near Newquay

He claims apart from the obvious cuts and transitions there was no further editing or computer enhancements.

The footage is truly stunning and even awe-inspiring. 

Get ready for a crazy ride. 


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Apr 042014
Cat Asks For Breakfast In The Cutest Way Possible

Japanese YouTuber DekoniM‘s cat Earl is a cute kitty like so many other cats. But he has a very unique, and super adorable, way of asking for breakfast in the morning.

Viewers just can’t get enough of the cute way he puts his paws together every morning to request his first meal with good manners. 

The cute video was actually posted long ago in 2008, but has recently resurfaced with over half a million new viral views!


Via Wimp

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Apr 042014
Adorable Cat Unrolls, The Re-Rolls Toilet Paper

Cats are notorious for unrolling toilet paper. They just love to tap at the roll and watch as the paper falls. It’s almost instinctual.

But Michael Thompson‘s cat Willie is at least considerate when he plays with the toilet paper. After completely unrolling a roll, he keeps tapping to re-roll the TP the other way around. 

Deliberate or not, it’s adorable and hilarious. 

“You’re gonna pull it back up?” Mike asks. “I like that, I appreciate that. That’s very helpful. Thank you.”


Via TastefullyOffensive and SayOMG

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