Apr 152016
How To Drift In Any Car

To drift in a car, you usually need a skilled driver with a rear wheel drive sports car. But The Proclivity To Imagine has figured out a simple way to drift in nearly any common car, even a minivan. All you need is two small square pieces of wood.

Of course, he warns viewers not to try this at home..


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Apr 152016
Jimmy Fallon Calls Ted Cruz As Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, everyone agrees that Donald Trump has finally given the late night hosts something to talk about and have fun with. Since Jimmy Fallon was hosting Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, he decided to have some fun by calling Ted as The Donald. Jimmy sure loves his impressions. 


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Apr 142016
How A Modern TV Show Is Made

TV is such a part of most people’s lives that we all take it for granted. But for every heart racing episode of Game of Thrones or Doctor Who there countless people who needed besides the actors to put the magic on the screen. 

So how is a TV show made today? Vox explains in this eye-opening video. 


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