Feb 242013

Every Third Thursday is a series by Network A focused on exotic snowboards.

For their newest episode, they traveled to Italy to create their most fragile and delicate snowboard yet. A glass snowboard. After nearly a week of hard work, they test the new board out at the Abetone ski resort in Tuscany. 

Now, the new video has already garnered over 675,000 views, and is further featured on Wired, RedBull, NowMSN, and Devour.


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Feb 232013
Evolution Of Mom Dancing With Jimmy Fallon And Michelle Obama

Remember Jimmy Fallon’s father-themed homage to the famous viral video Evolution of Dance?

Well, he has returned to honor the other equally most important person in everyone’s lives. Mom. To promote her “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama graced Late Night to star with Jimmy Fallon in this Evolution of Mom Dancing music video which has instantly gone viral. 


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Feb 232013

Denmoff‘s little Kayla is at the tender toddler age when she is beginning to to decipher between perception and reality.

While outside on the driveway, Kayla tells dad she sees the moon, an exciting experience for any kid. Dad asks her if she can grab the moon, and she adorably jumps up and tries to catch

“Uh oh. I can’t reach it.”

Dad soothes her with, “Ok, then say goodbye moon.”

“Goodbye moon.”

Too cute!

Eve YouTuber Sean Mckenna couldn’t hold back, and said, “This kid is f***ing adorable and I hate kids.”

Zach The Reliable is even more optimistic

“Reach up for it, Reach up for the moon. and from that moment on a future astronaut was born and she would fly to Mars and Beyond.”


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Feb 222013

Another Harlem Shake video. … 

So why is this one by the Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics team trending? Because they bring something to the table that no else can compete with.

Amazing moves, and rock hard bodies. Frankly, the new video–which has already garnered over 200,000 views–would have gone viral regardless of what music was playing.


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Feb 222013

Basketball trick shot videos rarely include female athletes, but Ashlee Arnau is changing all that. She has just gone viralviral after video of her amazing cheerleader-themed trick shot was published online by Nathan Epstein

Not only did the William Carey University cheerleader score a half court shot, but she even incorporated a front flip in her shot. Now that’s a trick even Dude Perfect may have difficulty completing. 

Now, the brand new viral video has already amassed over one million views. The story is further featured on ESPN, HuffPost, NowMSN, and SportsIllustrated


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