Feb 182013

Japan is famous in the Sates for normalizing the crazy. At least what we in the West consider crazy. 

Westerner living in Japan JyuusanKaidan video blogs her experience on her YouTube channel. Her newest video has gone viral on Reddit and VideoSift where she shows viewers the most inappropriate ice cream ever she has found in Japan (so far). 

Japanese Condom Ice Cream. W. T. F?

YouTuber Tuan H couldn’t help but ask, “What the Hell, Japan…”

Jonathan Lim is seemingly more amused. “Holy… This actually exists? I need to visit Japan sometime.”


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Feb 172013

Each year, Brandon University holds the Smitty’s Tuition shoot-out with a prize of a semester of tuition paid for in full. Using his head, student Mason Kaluzniak chose Bobcats head coach Gil Cheung to shoot the half court shot for him.

Incredibly, the coach swished the shot! Now, the BU Bobcats half court shot video has gone viral, amassing over 300,000 hits just over the weekend. The story is covered on YahooSports, USAToday, and Sun


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Feb 172013

As with all fun Internet memes, the shock and novelty of the Harlem Shake craze has already waned. But still, out of the thousands of submissions on YouTube, there are a few viral jewels that truly stick out from the crowd.

Music duo Matt And Kim are one of them. They created a Harlem Shake video with the packed audience of their concert at Troy New York at RPI Field House.

Now their version of the new dance craze, appropriately titled Harlem Shake Matt and Kim Edition, has gone viralviral in less than a week, and currently stands with over six million views


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Feb 172013

The Internet is full of cats, fails, and Harlem Shake dance videos, but there’s more than just time wasting on YouTube. Super nerd Vsauce serves up science-based educational videos every week to his more than 2.3 million fans

Who knew there were that many people online interested in actually learning something?

In his newest episode, he asks the enlightening question, “Is Your Red The Same As My Red?

Think about it. We all experience color in our minds. But two people who both agree a color they see is ‘red’ may actually be experiencing it in very different ways. 


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