Jan 012013
Dog Sings Along With Auld Lang Syne

Everyone knows the tune, but not many know the name of Auld Lang Syne, the official unofficial song played at the stroke of midnight at countless New Year’s Eve parties. 

Apparently, even Sierra the dog of Singing Dogs knows the tune as she howls along with his owner playing the horn in this now viral video.

The video was published in November, but naturally is going viral now in honor of New Year’s. It is also featured on InquisitrTastefullyO, NowMSN, and DailyOfTheDay


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Jan 012013

It’s a new year full of new hopes and possibilities. So it’s time to get pumped up. Thankfully, movie obsessed Slacktory has made this recursive ‘Training Montage’ montage from inspiring montages in famous movies to get your blood flowing.

Of course the movie choices include the Rocky films, but also Full Metal Jacket, Mulan, X-Men much more.  


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Jan 012013

Back in April, freelance journalist Casey Neistat teamed up with Nike to create a short documentary film showcasing their new Nike Fuel Band

But ironically, when he made that video, he wasn’t wearing the band for much of his adventure. Now that he’s finally got his new Nike Fuel Band, he’s set out across the world again to watch his Fuel points grow. 

Now that’s a commercial.


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Jan 012013

Parkour is so out. Or is it? RossCreations is bringing the seemingly old Internet extreme sport back to life with a twist. He pulls crazy parkour moves off cars in traffic. 

He even jumps into an open window of a truck at a red light, and climbs through to the other side! Now, the three week old video, Carkour, has over 400,000 views, and is featured on NowMSN, StuffIStole, 22Words, and AutoEvo.


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Dec 312012

NSFW Warning- One F Bomb is dropped. 

Let’s go into the new year with a bang, like this awesome Asian dude who got on stage at a Green Day concert. Billy let him say a few words into the mike, and all the dude could muster was, “Billy F—ing Joe?! Are you kidding me?”

Then, with the support of Billy Joe, he jumped off the stage into the crowd.

The two year old video by Zigabid is trending now more than ever. 


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