Jul 112012

America’s illegal immigration problem is a politically polarizing issue, but most would agree that stopping everyone at mulitiple check points and checking if every person is a US citizen is the not answer. 

And Tempe, Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson is one of those who would agree. He was stopped multiple times in long lines on the freeway while driving through Arizona, and was plain old fed up with his rights being stomped on.

When he was stopped and asked if he was a US citizen, he simply answered, “That’s my business.” When he was threatened with detainment and asked to pull over for further investigation, he simply said, “No, thanks, I would like to go now.” 

He repeated this tactic twice on camera with two supervisors, both who eventually allowed him through with no ID check, besides for a license plate check. Probably because Steven is correct.

He and no other American is required to show ID if they are not suspected of criminal or suspicious activity. Driving down the highway at safe speeds is obviously not suspicious activity. Yet. 

This man wins the Randy Marsh award for patriotism on the Internet today. 


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Jul 102012

NSFW Warning – Language, violence

The Batman franchise has really evolved over time. Most kids these days wouldn’t even recognize the slapstick-esque original Batman television series from the 60’s. 

As a humorous juxtaposition, comedy channel  paired up the current very dark and mysterious Dark Knight version of Batman with the goofy, and very soft Robin side kick from the 60’s. Together, they don’t make the best of teams to take on the terrible Bane. 


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Jul 102012

The creative musical geniuses at CDZA have again published a breakthrough music piece. This time, they take the timeless classic What A Wonderful World and perform the Louie Armstrong song in sixteen different popular Western music genres that will prove just how versatile the group really is. 


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Jul 102012

McDonald’s Canada just had a viral marketing video pleasing viewers and fans by being more open about their advertising practices. Namely, why the food in McD’s advertisements looks different than the real thing

Now, they are continuing with their very open and honest Your Questions campaign, allowing customers to ask their most burning wonders. In their latest video, McD’s seriously drops the gauntlet and shakes up the fast food world.

They show how to make the world famous Big Mac Secret Sauce, and how to contruct a perfect Big Mac, all by a real McDonald’s chef with store bought ingredients. Of course, the authentic Mac Sauce in restaurants is dairy, so there’s definitely something still kept secret. Which expected from the world’s largest hamburger restaurant chain.

Marketing. You’re doing it right. 


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Jul 102012

This isn’t the first time Sesame Street has incorporated pop culture into their programming. They went viral a while back spoofing the television show True Blood and with a Grover spoof of the Old Spice commercial

This time, it’s everyone’s favorite junk food monster who sings Share It Maybe about cookies in this Call Me Maybe parody. 

The video has become an overnight viral success, and is already featured on TheDailyWhat, LaughingSquid, Mashable, and Gothamist


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