Apr 032013

As a kid, Mark Rober–who is viral video famous for his road kill experiment–grew a seriously rocking unibrow. But through high school he discovered the magic of tweezers, and by the 12th grade, he had blended in with the general population.

For years now, Mark has suspected that people with unibrows are discriminated against. As a man of science, he was determined to test out his hypothesis in a controlled manner.

He teamed up with his make-up artist friend who gave him a perfect looking, fake unibrow. Then he approached people at Walmart with simple, open-ended questions. As a control, he did the same with normal eyebrows. 

After his inevitably short conversations, the test subjects would almost always comment about Mark’s unibrow. 

After breaking down the numbers, Mark discovered the average response he received while ‘normal’ was over 30 words. While he was wearing his fake uni, it was only 16. 

Scientifically, it is a possible to claim unibrow discrimination is real. Someone call the ACLU!

Also, teenage girls are way too liberal with their smart phone cameras. 


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Apr 032013

Last year, Canadian airline West Jet went viralviral with their hilarious April Fool’s video featuring Child-Free Flights. That video currently stands with over 700,000 views

Now, the comedians at West Jet’s marketing department have gone viral again this April Fool’s offering a new special “furry families” program.

Animal lovers will no longer be required to kennel their pets. So bring the whole family aboard. Including Betsy. 

Already, this year’s gag commercial has collected over 400,000 hits


Thanks Shawn!

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Apr 032013

Sadly, alcohol is famous for enraging the beast in even the most calm and passive people. But not Irishman Seán Thomas Gallobhaí. When he drinks he ‘gets muppety.’

In this new video going viral, Seán performs a special Muppet-themed cover of the world famous Simon and Garfunkel song The Sound Of Silence. After drinking an entire bottle of Famous Grouse whiskey. At 6:30 in the morning. 

This is gonna be good


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Apr 032013

NSFW Warning – language 

Fitzthistlewits published this sarcastic review of the game of the chess back in December, but it continues to trend now with over 75,000 views

The narrator explains the popular board game in a similar fashion to the popular True Facts series. As in, he lists off a slew of completely incorrect information and passes it on as valuable knowledge. 


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Apr 032013

April Fool’s has been a been a big hit online, but one must be careful not to take the jokes too far, especially in real life.

Cody Weddl of WKPT19 reports one Kingsport woman pranked her sister by telling her she shot her husband, and needed help burying the body

Her sister Helen quickly told the rest of her family, and before the prank holiday ended, the police had surrounded the home, guns drawn. 

“Next thing I knew. There was law everywhere. Their response was excellent.”

“The fool was her,” said one neighbor after seeing her put into a police cruiser with cuffs on.

Now, the viral video stands with over 75,000 views since April sprouted. 


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