Oct 162012

Time flies when you’re having fun, and on the Internet, we’re always having fun. It’s crazy that just two years ago a couple Canadians calling themselves Epic Meal Time went viral with an outrageous fast food pizza video

With swift action, the buddies turned their serendipitous fame into one of YouTube’s most popular channels, standing with over 2.8 million subscribers. 

For their two year anniversary, Harley Morenstein and the crew make a special double decker deep dish fast food pizza in honor of their humble beginnings. 


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Oct 152012

Now that pay phones have been almost completely wiped out, what is one supposed to do if they lose their cell phone or run out of juice? It may not work in most public places, but on a college campus, most fellow students who are equally addicted to technology won’t bat an eye offering their phone for you to make a call. 

And that’s exactly what Andrew Hales was hoping for. With the  candid cameras rolling, Andrew simply asked his peers hanging out on the quad of BYU if he could borrow their cell phone. He then proceeded to simply walk away with their phone, and sometimes instantly ran away with their phones!

The reactions of the victims range from utter shock and disbelief that someone just stole their phone to running after and violently tackling Andrew.  


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Oct 152012

As the presidential election comes closer and closer, more and more political and presidential-themed videos are going viral.

The most recent being from Barack Obama dubbing channel . They took footage from the first Presidential Debate, amazingly cut up the president’s and Republican nominee‘s words, and mashed up it all together for the two politicians to ‘sing’ Katy Perry‘s hit single Hot And Cold.


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Oct 152012

This week old audio clip, which features a caller to the Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station, has amassed over 1.3 million hits.

In the video, the woman claims that on multiple occasions she has hit a deer on the highway after seeing a deer crossing sign. 

She wants the state to move the deer crossing to a less busy street. Terrifyingly, she doesn’t pick up on the fact that deer don’t cross because of the sign, but rather the state put the sign there to warn human drivers who understand street signs of the large deer population.

The radio hosts do a good job holding back their laughter, most likely out of pure shock. The viralviral video is featured on Neatorama, HuffingtonPost, and RightThisMinute


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Oct 152012

For his latest music video debut, world wide pop star Justin Bieber used viral marketing tactic to hype up his fan base. Twitter account @Gexwy claimed they would release confidential Justin Bieber footage if their demands weren’t met. 

Finally, the deadline of noon on Friday, October 12th came, and they tweeted the ‘secret video’ which ended up being Justin’s latest music video featuring Nicki MinajBeauty And A Beat.

The music video, which amazingly has garnered over 23 million hits and over 400,000 likes just over the weekend, is further covered on MostWatchedDaily, MTV, and Examiner


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