Apr 042013

“You shall not pass,” is one of the most famous quotes from contemporary cinema. Viewers get shivers hearing Sir Ian McKellen as the great wizard Gandalf proclaim the powerful phrase in The Lord Of The Rings

Last December, YouTuber Frxdo had the lucky opportunity to hear Sir Ian speak at his high school.

Either by request, or just because he knew how well the gag would be received, at one point during his speech, McKellen said to the auditorium, “If you don’t study for the examinations. If you don’t do your revision. You know what’s going to happen?


Genius. Naturally, the crowd erupted in applause. 


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Apr 042013

Professional dog trainer Omar Muller has over one hundred dog trick videos on his channel, but only now has his week old BAD ASS DOG 2 video gone viral, amassing over 290,000 hits so far. 

In less than 60 seconds, his talented Border Collie Jumpy performs 20 outstanding dog tricks, such as riding a skateboard, performing a backflip, jumping from the roof of a van, and more. 


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Apr 042013

In the modern relationship world, a one night stand is no longer a big deal. It’s nearly become a social norm.

After a night of partying and hooking up, the two strangers usually wake up, assess how drunk they were the night before, and the person who slept over leaves, never to call or see the other again.

And both are satisfied. 

But what happens when one of the partners doesn’t follow the unofficial script? What happens when there’s a One Night Misunderstanding?

New sketch comedy channel ReverseCowboys imagines how that scene would play out in their new video which has already garnered over 235,000 views.

YouTuber Eric Brammer speaks for many viewers by noticing the male character seems to personify “Ted Mosby…”

On the other hand, Almcken thinks he’s perfect boyfriend material for the meme-famous Overly Attached Girlfriend, saying, “Overly attached girlfriend… I found the perfect guy for you.”


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Apr 042013

For years, fans have been speculating that professional sports have always been, and still are, rigged. But recently, it seems the puppet masters pulling the strings don’t even attempt to conceal their plans anymore.

Nathaniel Bennett published this video which claims to show the extent to which the NBA is rigged in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems no matter what the opposing players do, the refs penalize them. And no matter how rough Lakers are, they get off scott-free.

Even the announcers seem constantly shocked by the obviously biased referee calls. 

Now, fans have had enough, and are helping to make this conspiracy video go viral. Already, it has amassed over 1.75 million views in less than a week. 



Update for 2013:


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Apr 032013

Magician Rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drive-thru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat, fooling fast food workers into thinking a ghost of sorts was driving the car.

Someone must have ordered from the microphone and driven the car up to the service window, but it appeared empty. Now, that creative prank video from January stands with over 32 million views.

Like Hollywood, Rahat knows too well not to let a good thing just die out, so he has returned to prank the drive-thru, but with an even better twist this time. 

He constructed a fantastically realistic ‘headless shirt’ to appear as a tall man wearing a jacket with no head. Naturally, the girls freak out, even more than in the last prank.

Could anything be more terrifying than working the drive-thru window late at night, and a man hands you a twenty with no head on his shoulders?


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