Apr 142013

Nick Bertke, aka Pogo, is most famous for his outrageous remixes. What makes them so special is the fact that every remix he creates is made using only chords, sounds, and vocals from the footage that originally inspired him.

As a part of Pogo‘s Roarcraft, Gold Pik Pik Carrots followed the same musical recipe, and made this remix piece of music from only the sounds from the popular online fantasy game World Of Warcraft


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Apr 142013

Again, it seems the marketers of mega corporations have debuted another genius and hilarious Superbowl-worthy commercial during the regular year.

But viewers don’t care, they’re too busy laughing their pants off at this new Ship My Pants commercial by Kmart.

The advert features shocked and pleasantly surprised KMart shoppers learning that free shipping is available on all products, including pants, beds, and drawers. 

Naturally, shoppers can’t help but scream, “I just shipped my pants!”

Viewers do a double take upon hearing the commercial, assuming they heard the common expletive instead of the word ‘ship.’

In less than a week, the video has amassed over 5 million views, and over 28,000 likes


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Apr 142013

Hungarian shadow theater company Attraction blew the audience and judges away on the first week of auditions of Britain’s Got Talent.

Incredibly, the dancers create stunning stationary imagery and props, all with only light illusions and shadows of their bodies, to enhance their colleagues dance love story. 

Now, it seems this Britain’s Got Talent clip is the first to go viral for the 2013 season, already amassing over a quarter million hits over the weekend. The story is also covered on Mashable, Telegraph, and EntertainmentWise


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Apr 142013

The Simpsons introductory couch gag is one of the most famous parts of the long running animated show. For their latest gag, FOX‘s most famous family takes on AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad. Since debuting over the weekend, the video has amassed over 1.3 million hits.    


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Apr 132013

Cdedman90 published this video focused on Wal-Mart greeter Mr. Willie of Maumelle, Arkansas back in December, but it has only gone viralviral this weekend. 

Mr. Willie is well known around the area for his upbeat attitude and general coolness. Instead of greeting shoppers like 99% of greeters–with a simple ‘hello’–Mr. Willie offers those entering the store a ‘BAM’ first bump. And they love it. 

“OK. Alright,” he says in an ever calming manner. 

Now, the web has fallen in love. In just one day the video has garnered more than a quarter million views. It seems they may have found the next everyday person to become a short lived Internet celebrity


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